Rate my shitty beats. lookin for feedback

rate my shitty beats. lookin for feedback.


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Magnify the bass x500 and you’re golden.


is the bass really too quiet?
im not home right now, so im mixing on earbuds. the bass seemed overpowering on the mix when i ha it on 0/unity

ngl. pretty kino

OP here. if there are any rappers here right now, id be down to send them a free beat (minus possible royalties if it blows up, of course)

heres an oldie


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another old one.


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Idk. I like high bass personally


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you might dig this one


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I didn’t hear shit

When I’m listening to this I can just imagine a bunch of killer whales looking to kill a fucking seal.

i got a similar vibe. thats why i called the song is called "whale song"

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like you heard no bass? what are you listening with? headphones, or speakers?

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Speakers. Shitty iPhone XS doesn’t have a headphone jack

ah, weird. when i listened to it on my phone speakers i still heard bass. somethings up.

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So the work as a whole is poignant and melancholy.

Choosing the sasuke loop for the backround really sets an emaotial backdrop for me, without it the track would be pretty forgettable.

lol. okay. i mean, it really needs a rapper on it, its not meant to be an instrumental. sadly, rappers are poor and dont want to buy beats.

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Why not write some lyrics and rap yourself? Post a sample on vacaroo or something

op r gai

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no mic at the moment. left it at home, im on vacay

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also, im trying to sell it to rappers, thats why its one of those (type beats)

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new youtu.be/0Hrq-Y_CIcY

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