Reminder: if you're under 6 inches you are below average

reminder: if you're under 6 inches you are below average

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>if you're under 6 inches you are below average

your below average, your a lesser human than them.

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ok, i guess... do i have to do something?

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Remember, if you're OP, you're a micropeen nigger faggot.

5 inches*

What kind of loser wears a cock ring to fuck his fleshlight?

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Found the guy with the 5.5 inch dick!

someone with premature ejaculation problems.

How did you guess

7.5 inch good?

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You afraid you're gonna cum too quick in your fucking fleshlight, fag?

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7.5 inch gang

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Nice, but what about girth?

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What the hell is Stone Cold Steve Austin doing?

>Caring about what another dude is packing

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earning another wwf championship

i cant imagine being so pathetic as to save pictures of big cocks just to troll a dying image board

Size isnt everything, you could have the biggest dick in the world and still leave your woman unsatisfied. And if you have a small dick typically you tend to be good with your hands / oral so.... meh.

Oh, and some guys with titanic dongs are actually unhappy having such a large penor, the vagina stretches but has its limits and many women can't handle a massive dick hilt deep without a LOT of foreplay.

Im perfectly satisfied with the size of my dick and so is my girlfriend but go ahead and play mind games with each other.

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I love how as soon as you get to "self reported" the size jumps two inches.

Somehow asians, stereotypically, have tiny dicks, yet have no problem procreating.

Please, I'm below average in LOTS of ways.

How can you use the correct form of "then", the incorrect form of "your" twice, and say that dick size makes someone less of a human. Anymore irony and I might actually grow a tumor just from imagining what it's like for the poor souls that endure social interactions with you.

Any woman who says that size doesn't matter is lying to you to make you feel good. Size matters. It doesn't need to be a fuckin' monster dong (which doesn't feel good anyways, too big is a thing), but it needs to be at least a reasonable size. Average size is generally acceptable. Not ideal, but it's certainly able to satisfy.

At least all those cocks look nice.

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>that one honestly gay guy who isnt here to fan the flames of circumcision wars or arbitrate the average dick size
>just here to enjoy dicks being posted
you, your a faggot but your alright

Those dicks are beautiful because they are circumcised.

there it is


Yeah or be like me and be 8.5 inches but turn out gay and completely submissive

i dont get the lighter, like why use the lighter specifically? everyones dick is bigger than a lighter why not use something like A RULER? it would tell us exactly how big you are

it doesnt obscure the dick when used correctly like a ruler would, has dimensions appropriate for dicks in terms of both length and girth (everuones cock is more or less between 0.5-3 bic lighters for each dimension). if everyone uses it the same way it's far easier to make these side-by-side pics with a bic lighter than with a ruler --- the guy who made the pic

>i am incapable of placing the ruler to the side of my dick

its not how you're supposed to measure -- look up 'bone-pressed' measurement

Has anyone tried jelqing?

stop trying to piss off the small peepees, its working, but its too much for them

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Also, all the dudes here are probably living with their parents. So who the fuck is gonna go and get a ruler when they probably have a lighter on hand. Most likely because they smoke weed. (However if you smoke cigarettes like a man and not weed like a child you get points)

>5.5 inch

is the average

sayin this like it ain’t my fetish to be smaller than others

This guy
Is correct.

Could not care less about your "below average" standard. All I know is I am getting much more pussy that you can only dream of and all the while, you are only jerking off to pics of some of the pussy I am posting.

Well OP is always a faggot.

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