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"How dare you rob me of my childhood!!!"

>has as better childhood than 99.99% of the rest of the world

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Yikes. Y'all are some failed humans. This is sad. Incel sad.


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Go back to bed Greta.

Fucking underrated

Your arch nemesis is a child. That’s how petty you’ve become.

No my arch nemesis has failed miserably so is now attempting to use a child as a mouthpiece hoping we wont criticize them.
Wrong on all accounts we’ll criticize and ridicule whom we wish.
Those kids have no future anyway
Post boipucci.

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I'd love to kick Greta Thunberg in the head. Just take a few steps run up then catch her with the full force of my steel capped toe under her chin, send that little faggot flying through the air. As she lies on the floor, coughing and wheezing and choking on her own blood, her jaw a mangled mess of bones detached from the rest of her skull, I stand over her and laugh wickedly. She looks up at me in fear and pain, her eyes searching, begging me for mercy. She finds none. I raise my boot then stomp down, splitting her skull like a melon and finally ending her pathetic life.

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Lick my sweaty armpit you aitistic, sub par intelligence, pawn of your horrible parents and George Soros

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I'm glad she knows.
that makes her better than most of you guys

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After the UN summit, it was really shameful to see so many people basically openly mocking a mentally challenged child. Though to be fair, Trump kinda had it coming.

Go to bed.

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Oh my fucking God

I'd still smash.

Hey, relax...

Watch this relaxing video:

oh didn't like Epstein being mentioned eh jew

Seriously, how are you people this fucking triggered by a kid trying to do something nice? You do realize you could have a meaningful life, too, right? In fact, you can have a meaningful life AND still jerk off to your furries or whatever.

He types from his moms basement

Anyone actually read her bullshit? It's not just climate change, she in her 16 yr old retard wisdom says we must overturn capitalism, it the ONLY way. Fuck this uneducated dumb bitch trying to lecture grownups on economics.

Because it's fake as shit and only done to get the sheeps going.

fake and gay

>oh didn't like Epstein being mentioned

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The face she pulls when she sees how small your dick is.

i love how triggered Sup Forums

she's a fuckin hero

David Icke

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She's a retarded brainwashed Eurofag line-reader who wants us to live less happy lives so she can get a worthless nobel prize.

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nazis are trying to instrumentalize our children.
the brown mob must be stopped!

As opposed to a retarded brainwashed incel pleb that wants rich people to live more happy lives while fucking over the planet for his pleb generation and leaving them with nothing but debt.

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This, thank you!

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And it always triggers the people that matter most.

>some fringe people were wrong so don't believe scientific consensus.

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>the people that matter most.

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Fucking kek

Jews have also obviously played a key role in the spread of communism. It's almost like they're doing everything in their power to keep people away from becoming nationalistic

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>thinks jews dont like capitalism

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I forget. You, the masses, are retarded. A part of me, a very small part of wishes that we all die.

She’s got a point you know, there’s clear data for it. Why keep up the farce?

white incels>trump

How dare you

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>there’s clear data for it. Why keep up the farce?

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Her solution which you soyboys ignore is to turn us back to the stoneage. You're OK with that?

>entire glaciers disappearing
>"B-b-but someone said it would melt faster"

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hyperbolic fag rage flt

>scientific consensus

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It's all an absolute fucking joke. We could be gods but we spend all of our time and money on shit like fighting the climate boogeyman because a random child screams at us for not doing it. CLOWN WORLD.

So you didn't even know how batshit crazy she is, you're just a sheep glorifying an intellectually impaired 16 yr old

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But no, she's speaking metaphorically, kek.

Are you new here?

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Car crash of a post.

Did I say they fucking don't? I implied they are playing both sides, or rather they have been playing different sides at various points in history.
I was merely pointing out a common thread, which is that both work towards snuffing out the soul of a people.
Communism through outright destruction and dismantlement of culture, and capitalism through putting up money as the new god, and greed the new religion.

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I would love to take into my home that little asian girl, she wouldnt have to work any more I would bath her and lover her all day a and night

I kekd

wow those things are huge
Gives me a good chuckle every time

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Show me where she said that or you blow bums under the freeway overpass

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This dumbfuck seriously believes sensible environmental measures will send society back to the stone age.

How dare you not show me dem nuuuuds

You still don't get it - she wants all capitalism stopped. She's a crazy zealot.

Imma let rich boomers keep fucking my future over and hope they throw me some crumbs on their way out.

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Link where she said that or you frenched out the neighbors dog.

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How dare those evil libtards kill that poor little kid just to promote open boarders!!!
If that kid hadn't been born, that would be murder!!!

saved. nice work

This is NOT how to weaponize autism

If I were a Jew with a lot of influence i would be getting my dick wet every night and shitposting happening threads on pol

She needs to travel around Asia and let them know how horrible their governments are.
Especially now that she's been elected as Emperor of the Liberal Empire.

>If that kid hadn't been born, that would be murder

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Because you're a faggot

Oh no, ice melting!

you are mixing triggering with cringing

Because it's all an overly dramatic farce.