Are you voting for Trump in 2020?

Are you voting for Trump in 2020?

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Um, do you mean Mike Pence?

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Hm, I cannot help but chuckle when I see people who believe their vote makes any difference. Whatever helps you sleep at night, user.

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No because I like America and the rule of law.

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Fuck no.

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It actually is.

Im voting for andy sixx

president eric trump, that will be an awesome moment for acceptance in america when a retard becomes president for the first time

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big poopin.

hahaha, like he'll even be running in 2020

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not sure if trolling or just retarded

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>for the first time
>first time

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Well I live in a very blue city in a very blue state. My vote literally doesn't matter so I don't vote. If I were to vote it would be for Trump.

Mine's just the opposite, I live in UT.
Literally a 0% chance of a single electorate vote not going to the republican candidate.
I tend to vote libertarian just so maybe the debates will have more than 2 parties next election.
Not that I'm really libertarian, it's just that my vote for the libertarian candidate might help them hit the 5% or whatever it is they need to automatically be included in the debates.
Most ameritards can't handle any type of thinking that isn't strictly binary though, but one can hope.

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Seriously, what’s with all the pol troll threads? Just stop, please & try to influence your own elections.

heh, i was gonna say a similar thing. Alabamian who voted Hillary here. ^___^

I didnt in 2016 because I was only 12 years old but I will in 2024 after our supreme leader changes the laws to have 3 termZ

grow up

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