Cali thread anyone?

cali thread anyone?

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909 check in

sure san bernardino?

Anyone know this 714 slut?

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bump 909 san bernardino

Hey, do you mind if I raise the taxes just a bit more? It’s for the schools

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Where is the socal at

619 here

cali discords YYpQ7FS ynn9rHE

Where the nudes at?

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I’m in San Bernardino too lol by cal state

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Post Rialto hoes

Not California for years now but I used to live in Hesperia, then I lived in Mira Mesa near SD

any 760?

909 fontana

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turlock 209. Homelessness is killing us


I’d like to turn those innies into a outie

626 bump

what high school??

got any 916?

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Who do you know?

Anyone from 818 sfv area

Yo! Grew up there. What HS you go to?


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Keep the 714 bitches coming

Nice!! From VAAS hbu?

Depends the area.
Don't have wins tho, hoping to find some

Anaheim high class of 2012

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Granada. 2013. You?

What part

More. City?

Buena Park high class of 2012

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ucsb ucla??

Any Bay Area? Cali discord?

Any ucsd

Nice. Dump all

more from Anaheim?

Same girl

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Anyone got her name?

Any 562s?

Any right wingers? Good place for a 20 yr old to hang out at?


Anyone got black 951 riverside?

KYS faggot

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Amanda Neil

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Post everything you have

More Anaheim

Who is she

Any regina 714

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Big tittays from the 949

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Same girl?

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anyone recognize them?

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Anybody know Nicole S..rhymes with simple.. Smokin hot asian chick from Petaluma\SD State?

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Yes where’d you get those


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A few months ago from a different thread. You got more of her?

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Love those titties. Fontana here too.

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was poway

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Yes trying to find her name or insta

Oh shit what up user

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Stroking. Post everything of her

Same lol

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Not to my knowledge, pretty dry out here

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Anyone have a blonde milf that used to live in the 805?

Kung pao

916 here

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Any Bay Area?


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post vid?

cousin jackie

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Got any GB?

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Itzel Reyes from Anaheim

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Your bitch?

Rebecca finch

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