Will mankind ever exist beyond the earth?

Will mankind ever exist beyond the earth?

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No.....we cant even exist on the same planet without putting an orange incel in charge of everything


It already does.

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We're having a difficult time making it to the moon. We can't possibly make it to Mars anytime soon. Even if we did, then what?

Consider the implications. If space technology opened up the universe to those who posses it, would Earth even matter any more? Who would even give a shit about our zionist nigger infested hellhole when they have hundreds of other worlds to colonize?

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Who cares. We just do.

Theres no point to anything anyway.

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SpaceX is working on that as we speak. Granted I'm a fanboy and have been following NASA and SpaceX closely for about 5 years, but I honestly think they will be able to send people to the Moon and return them within 5 years and to Mars and back within 10 years. If they're fully reusable Starship/Superheavy system comes to fruition and is a success it will reduce the cost to space by orders of magnitude and from then on it's anyone's game. Private companies and governments alike will be able to establish space stations and colonies on other celestial bodies for fractions of the current cost of far less ambitious projects.

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>taking us to space

lol no.

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You do realize that they will be launching people to LEO probably within the next 5 months right?

Yeah, no, that's a big step. For them.

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If space were real, we could. Unfortunately, mankind hasn't been able to make it past a certain point (the Van Allen Belt). If we were able to go to space, don't you think more focus would be placed on mining and other research beyond posting photoshopped pictures of other planets? Think about the potential "goldmines" of asteroid belts, let alone the gravitational experiments able to be conducted on the moon that may tip the theory of gravity to fact. You don't have to listen to me, all I'm asking is for you to step back and take a look at what we've been told. It's ok to question things sometimes.

But we are, user

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Yes! And the Earth is flat and the lizard people control the USA

You're looking in the wrong direction, dumbass. The HOLOCAUST is fake, space isn't. If your bullshit was real, people would be arresting for saying the same shit as you. Like Euros get arrested for daring to disobey the jew.

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>Van Allen Belt
>mfw he doesnt know the belts thin

he doesnt even know about SV

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Miley Cyrus and Obama are behind the space-cover up, everyone knows this you retard

Kek, I thought the same thing

Yeah but what if we just fly through the Van Allen belt really really fast?

I mean living somewhere is much harder than going there. Most places aren’t inhabitable so it’d be still important

We don’t have a “difficult” time making it to the moon. It’s just not worth it. We could make it to mars but the people would most likely be stuck there and run into a lot of problems shortly after. So again, it’s just not worth it.