What did you dream about last night?

What did you dream about last night?

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fixing a car

new wallet

robbing a movie theater

What dose one take from a movie theater?

one of my managers found out about some hooker I was with

I dream I was doing experiments on a fat guy, I didn't knew him or anything he was just sitting there and I pressed a button so a bunch of parasites or one big ass worm like parasite began to swallow him and putting his tentacles all around him, he wasn't screaming or giving any resisting signs so I just kept looking at it but then a little girl ran into the scene and hug the guy that was still being eaten by that thing, I heard instructions of not interfering so I kept watching, she began to say that it was his father while the parasite(s) began to reach her, I remember her using a pink summer dress and I couldn't do anything but watch as that thing was nailing his tentacles into her head, she screamed but not for long, as I heard her skull getting crushed and getting swallowed by the monster thing, after they both got complete swallowed the creature began to burn down as it crawled in my direction but I didn't moved I just saw as that thing was burning and then it screamed, a horrible mixture of the sound of an oldman, an animal and a little girl screaming at the same time while the monster wasn't anything but ashes, I don't know what happened after that but I also remember reading a report saying that the cause of death of the subject was "unexpected merging" after that I woke up. I didn't felt it as a nightmare or anything I just woke up and was thinking on the report and the dead name for the entire day.

cell death

was taking pics of my wifes friend, and after we were done i gave her option between her taking my cock in the ass or giving me a bj, never done anal before she chose bj. she wasnt very good at it, so i grabbed her head and forced it down her throat. All in all a good dream, and a good alternate ending to the real photoshoot.

I don't even remember. my shit is so fucking weird, it's like sometimes I live entire lifetimes before I wake up.

Had a really weird dream that I witnessed two cops execute a guy in his car simply because they didn't like him and then try to stage the scene to look like he was pulling a gun on them.

Not even making that dream up, maybe I've been laughing at too many anti-cop memes lately.

I had a dream I nearly nearly got laid by Billie Eilish. She wanted a Big Mac and as we were walking out, she showed me her tits.

Lamest dream ever.


Traveling, open land with few buildings but they were large, mostly just the highway, it makes sense to how much I want to leave where I'm at. It was dusk though, I love that time but I can only take it to mean that I have no chance of leaving anymore. I drink more


wow, must be tough being black. you people even dream of cops shooting at you?


That I had friends

Her. Again.

Fucking a dinosaur , shit was cash

Having a comfy house where I can be with my wife
-have no wife. Neither a comfy house

reading some stupid post on the internet,
haven't seen one similar so far though

That she loved me.

I once dreamt that everything was dying. The sky turned a dark red, and the clouds black. All life was dying, turning to ashes and screaming. I watched as my own house burned around me, and a tall black figure killed all of my family and friends. When it was done, it glared at me with absolute hate. I tried to run, but stopped when I saw it in front of me.

He was huge, about seven feet tall. His skin was a deathly white, black veins covering his face and arms, and his hair was long and raven black. He had six billowing black leathery wings on his back, and six black horns on his head pointed up to the sky. He had three eyes; two where they would normally be, and a third one on his forhead. The sclera of his eyes were a jet black, and his irises were a deep blood red. The pupils however, were... "cross-shaped". His hateful glare made me freeze in fear, and when he got close it felt as though my blood was turning into ice. When he spoke I felt nothing but absolute dread, cringing with each vile sound that came out of his foul mouth.

"The end comes. This world shall be laid to rest by my hands." His voice was filled with malice and hatred. The only things I could feel were fear, sorrow and pain. Fear of the monster before me, and of the world around me dying. Sorrow for the death of everyone and everything I had ever known and loved being taken away from me before my very eyes. Pain because of the intense, agonizing ache in my chest.

"Soon existence shall become undone, and the worlds of creation will be no more. I am the Dark Monarch. I am the Sorcerer of Sorrow. The Bringer of Night. Harbinger of The End. I am The Black King, and I have come to bring forth the end." He said this as I was turning to ashes, my chest glowing with heat and pain. As the last parts of me fell apart I woke up, and cried uncontrollably.