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I wanna hang this tranny mutt


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bumping, sorry, no images saved yet

what does h stand for?

oh fuck bois this is my favorite keep it goin

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i'll try to contribute too :3

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Why is there no good furry stuff anymore? Fa is horrible atm

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oooh i would suffocate myself on that cock

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It wouldn't fit in my mouth, but maybe my butt. I'd try it tho :P

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heya dash

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Hi there. How are you?

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meh one quarter short of being able to do my laundry
also remembering how much I hate online dating...

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Aw, dang, that sucks. Hopefully you can find a place with a washer and dryer soon.

What might that be? I never liked online dating because I know 90% of it would just be gay men wanting my ass, so I avoid anything of the sort. If I had more confidence then maybe, but it's men that have always been my biggest issue.

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eh idk, i just hate trying to advertise myself
normally like to avoid attention
looking at a lot of these profiles makes me cringe
most annoying thing is couples looking for a third party, I'm not your sex toy

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Oof, that sounds pretty awful. Hopefully you can find a nice, smart girl like yourself.
I have been wondering if it's even worth it to try online dating, if I can get past the anxiety. I feel like I'd have a similar time because it seems nobody wants to look past the surface, and I have no idea where I could meet like-minded women around here.

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it's probably worth it to give it a go
I think I'll try and stick it out, take some nice pictures of my self maybe idk
its even harder for me to meet new people in person now with my schedule

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I'm still on the fence though. On one hand it would be easier than meeting people in person, but it's still having to interact with strangers, and I don't have a license yet if I wanted to meet them anyway. I guess I'll just have to keep waiting :/

Pics with really bright lighting and trying too hard to look nice are what get attention, as dumb as it is. I think you'll be fine though, I'm sure you have a better shot than me.

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eh I've got a much smaller dating pool with it's own set of challenges
but yeah, I still probably wouldn't trade it for the issues guys have dating today

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I wouldn't really know, sadly. I'm most definitely not an average guy either, and women certainly don't like me, but I don't blame them.

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I'm going to cry myself to sleep now. Night.

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:( don't be like that
i know you'll find someone, but you've gotta take care of yourself first
I'm in the same boat

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