Anyone on here skate? If so what’s your recommendations for shoes? And what deck do you have?

Anyone on here skate? If so what’s your recommendations for shoes? And what deck do you have?

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I skate in yeezys and the best deck is world industries.

I skated in my yeezys and they got destroyed. And idk primitive and toy machine are pretty good.

Nice bro

I personally like to skate while wearer toed crocs. Nothing will give you the same grip as them

Nike's actually aren't bad and for a board you really should focus on something that fits your feet. Element and Baker make some great boards. I had a world industries, blind, and zero board. My current element with venture trucks and bones swiss bearings is my favorite I've ever had. Nike's last because they're not a lot of cloth and you can get cheap pairs at JC Penney for like 40-50 bucks. If you don't struggle with over flip a fiber glass board isn't bad either. They last FOREVER.

I don’t know bro just tried crocs + skating in my backyard and my toe (right next to the pinky) is bleeding a lot. I think you played me bro.


Bones Swiss bearings 10/10
Nike SB for skating 10/10
Fiber glass 10/10

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Vans are pretty good shoes to skate with. I skate with a vision deck.

Get some shoe goo, Stops your shoes from being destroyed but obviously doesn't look that good.

I recommend lakias for skating bro and my favorite decks has always been Girl and my favorite design is Blind but people hate Blind in SoCal for some reason.

If I put skate glue on my feet before putting on my crocs will it prevent profuse bleeding from my toes?

I fookin sk8 bearfooted ye fooken chimps.Oi got mi an old school deck on som gummy wheels te be foooookin shreddin m8

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Globe, Blind and more are all owned by the same distributor and get their decks from China, with their shitty chink maple. Doesn't have the same pop as Canadian maple. I always used blanks bought with Canadian maple. For shoes, most "pro" models are fucking garbage and fall apart fast. Best ones I've had were from Osiris and NSS

Oof Osiris is to thicc for me bro

Maple boards 10/10