Doll Thread

Doll Thread

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No dolls myself, but I'm curious (and too lazy to go somewhere else to look) what doll does Zashtoo have? (The one with green skin)

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the green one is a catdoll Coco 108cm

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The one with the lizard eyes? How to order in different colors, is it possible to mix light blue with pink hilights (pussy lips, and nipples)

>This is technically a doll.

I honestly wouldn't be mad if you uploaded an image set of just your cat

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Her butt is big

for her


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yeah he got those eyes after he got the doll. you can get different color makeup so you could do blue skin and pink nipples

my cat died recently

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Quality post.

she's so small

lord almighty that ass is insane

Funny story, when i had to call fed ex for them to find and redeliver my mis delivered doll.(im that user)

"Sir are you able to tell me whats inside the package so its easier for me to find it""

"Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh its a uhhhhhh mannaquin . . . . Ands its 43 pounds if that helps"

" okay here . . . .yup that was an easy find, nothing else like it in the shipment"

They knew bros

Ok, that's cool (the doll part). I was wanting to do a gamilas Loli (from starblazers, and have the skin tone be similar to the BadDragon Empress shark, where the light blue faded to pink near the vaginal canal)

But it's sad your cat died. At least he had a good 15 years or so

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yeah your best bet is to get her in blue and then use makeup

yeah he had a good life

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sorry for your loss bro.


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Thats adorable

Im jealous of where ypu live user, i miss trees

Alright, one step closer to getting my ideal lolis

>Next on the list is the Alice statue

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>Don't ask
I've always had a thing for Alice (this one in particular)

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How much would you ask for to spend some time with one of them?

Nice taste, user.

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that will be cute

trees are nice


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Get we get uuuuh Sasha

i posted some in the last thread and i need to get to bed because i have work tomorrow

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good night

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Good night doll user!

Good night DollGuy

3 threads was a good run.

Yeah it’s surprising

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it's over?

I only have about 10 pictures so I can't contribute.

can anyone give me an opinion?
HG site says that the head of Coco also fits in the 126cm body. won't it be too small?

No idea, but you could end up with a giant alien head size on a tiny body. Think about a baby's arm holding an apple.

10 is better than none

I've posted them all.

Okay I’ll contribute before heading to bed

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Love it! Finally dolls getting dick in the pix

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I want one like her

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Let’s see a dick jammed in its mouth

Great tits

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Wished this scene was in The Professional.

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Love it!

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I’m not the OP of this doll sorry

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I never wanted a doll nor even liked the thought of one before Sup Forums. But pix like these have given me a raging boner for dolls now. Gotta get one soon!

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where will you get the £1200 from, user?

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She’s so cute! I wanna suck her toes

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Mmmm nice ass shot

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A set I have not seen before, nice.

She sure is cute tho

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