Reminder that all shitbulls should suffer a slow and painful death, along with their owners

Reminder that all shitbulls should suffer a slow and painful death, along with their owners

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where do I sign?

imagine being scared of a thing with ~90~ 10 less iq points than u

>Reminder that all niggers should suffer a slow and painful death, along with their enablers

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Pits scare off niggers all day around here

Most of the shitbulls owners are blacks

bullshit nigger

I hope the end of this all, this life is near for you. I will lick your mom's tears while she rides my dick.

There is a huge difference between several situations but I agree at the other hand that pitbulls are a higher risk for doing damage especially to Childern.

A pitbull is officially not classified as a specific dog breed due to the fact that they are an combination of 7 different dog breeds. Officially made for bullfights and all other inhumane evens where they had to scare those animals. I agree that pitbulls are nothing like hunting breeds but let me get one thing straight. The first mistake is by those motherfuckers who still try to breed those more aggressive races and/or doing competition for creating the biggest, heavyest and most masculair types. This entire thing with dogs is to create monsters, period. Those specific breeders are mostly from a poor background and live in a highly competitive and risky environment.

Next thing would be the fact that this same catagory subhumans are not even close to professional dog coaches (because don't forget, raising a dog is close to a profession, you must have the affinity to raise dogs otherwise you're out, game over).

However: an pitbull isn't different to any other dog breed (and besides shouldn't be that muscular and agessive) but they are made that false because that protect the owner from his environment.

Sorry to say but I see white people with small sized staffords and Pitbulls while black people mostly have these muscular monsters. Nuff SAID Jerome.

However: never ever hate the dog because they are innocent. It's the owner and dog breeders fault, every attack again. Owner, breeder.

Every other conclusion is just made by altright faggots full with frustrations and let me tell you a world without them is a happy world.

cool story bro

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It's true though, pitbulls are the beaner and nigger dog of the world

Chimped out niggerdogs with huge traps that are made to fucking fight and tear people and larger game apart.

"My PiTtY is So FriEnDLy It'S abOut HoW yoU RaiSe It"

No, fucktard, your dog was bred from the very beginning to be a killing machine for FUN. FOR SPORT. Educate yourself you god damn trogs.

i hate all dogs


pitbulls and fuckin chihuahuas are specially bred to kill and destroy every fucking living thing on this planet that stands in its way and will strike you down at any point

alt right

Go fuck a dog, filthy vegan.

> filthy vegan
alt right

You know pitbulls were originally nanny dogs because they're so docile. They're meant to be hardy. It's actually kind of sad that they're vilified.

>You know pitbulls were originally nanny dogs

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You're full of shit. I just explained where they were created for. BULLFIGHTS, fuck off with your weak information sources.

Well, you know what? I just looked it up, and you're right, my dude. My sister in law told me that nanny stuff and I just believed her. You right

Guy who comes to my Gamestop uses his pits when he goes boar hunting. They're strong fucks

>my dude

Just when you think the cringe has ended

haha north americans should suffer a slow and painful death

i am a cat person

i hate all dogs about the same

Having to point that out something cringe is cringe.

mad cuz u live in a shithole?

Your life is cringe

Have fun larping

Pitbulls are fine. You guys are pussies. They're really nice dogs. They were bred for fighting other dogs and animals. They had the attacking people part bred OUT of them because you need to be able to grab a dog out of a fight and not have it rip you to pieces.


yeah i live in one, but they manage to make an rich country into the stupidest in the world

Alt right would defend pitbulls you bitch ass liberal

>muh feels

Just get a deer-type chihuahua; cute and and can help get you bitches or even gay men. Naturally they do have shrill loud barks and can be semi-difficult to train but still a solid breed overall.

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>pitbulls are dangerous
>german shepards sweat profusely

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