Im on a vacation to taiwan taipei for a week and a week to japan tokyo. And planned a solutely nothing...

Im on a vacation to taiwan taipei for a week and a week to japan tokyo. And planned a solutely nothing. Give me some good suggestions what to do over there (not too expensive)

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Ueno national gallery for culture.
Edo Tokyo museum for interactive history.
Meiji Jingu Shrine (start on Shinjuku side and walk through to end up in Harajuku, then walk down Omotesando to check out the elite fashion brand shops and people watch).
Asakusa Sensoji temple, then walk to the river and take the boat to Hama-rikyu gardens.
Roppongi night clubs to fuck a gaijin hunter girl.
Shinjuku metropolitan government building observation deck (free).
Akihabara (get your nerd on).
Shibuya crossing.

DO NOT bother with the Tokyo Tower or the Skytree. Huge waste of money.

Day trip to your choice: Nikko, Kamakura, or Hakone. I recommend Nikko.
If you like hiking, day trip to Mt. Takao.
If you like roller coasters, day trip to Fuji Q Highland (has had a number of world record breaking coasters over the past 15 years).

Thanks man. i will check some of these out

Word. I live in Japan. If you gots other questions, I don't have to be back at work for 30 mins.

Is a capsule hotel big enough for a 195cm person (6'4)

Also some food recommendations would be nice

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Damn. I dunno. Never stayed in one, actually. Google says 2 meters long, so it'd be a tight fit, but should work.

Ramen - at least twice... Too many toppings and types to only do once. Google ramen shops near your hotel, or when out and about)

Sushi - also twice: one high end, like at Toyosu Fish Market, one conveyor belt cheapo style.

Shabu Shabu- all you can eat style is the way, some places even offer all you can drink alcohol for 90 minutes for an extra $20. If you go to Asakusa Sensoji Temple, there's a Shabu Shabu joint called Nabezo nearby that is pretty good.

Yakiniku- basically Korean BBQ. Cook sliced meat over a charcoal grill.

Yakitori/izakaya - Japan's answer to pub food. Chicken bits and more on skewers served with alcohol. Great with beer or sake (which is called "Nihonshu" here,). Yakitori is my absolute favorite thing to eat on a Friday after work. Get some karaage too, Japan's answer to chicken nuggets.

Soba - buckwheat noodles.

Takoyaki - octopus fritters. Not for everyone.

Yoshinoya gyudon. Cheap ass beef bowl. Great late night drunk food. Open 24/7 and cheap (like $5).

Convenience store onigiri (rice balls).

There a bunch more, but that's the "don't miss" stuff, I think.

Takoyaki are delicious.
I don't eat them because octopus are too fucking smart to eat. It's like eating dolphin.

Thanks for the tips man

You're welcome. I'm awesome and give great tips. You should consider yourself lucky.

Haha, someone just planned my entire trip for free

I really am lucky
Thanks Sup Forums :)

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