My father just yelled at my mom and trashed the house in a weed induced rage...

My father just yelled at my mom and trashed the house in a weed induced rage, he's the only person in my life that understands me, I had an anxiety attack and me, my mom, and my brother just fled the house and now we're on the road. How do I keep myself from killing myself, I can't stop crying.

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probs go on reddit instead

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Damn that’s fucked if serious. Makes me feel better about my shit life now.

>weed induced rage

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Weed induced rage? Wut

>weed induced rage

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OP here
He has medical cannabis to help with his spine injury, he got in two bad cars accidents with people texting while driving, he use to take opioids but decided weed was better with the pain he experiences. For some reason tonight he just went apeshit.

You are not old enough to understand your father. You don’t know all the stuff that drove him to his actions, women can be violent to a man without ever being physical. It’s psychological violence & when a man acts out from frustration of years wearing down, he is seen as a monster. Give your father some understanding, as well as your mother. They need you more than you know. For family, this is the weight we carry.

Statistically you're fucked. You're from a broken home and your parents are terrible examples, your dad a dopamine-chasing fiend, your mom a helpless domestic inferiority-complex having nitwit for dating/marrying a grown man that smokes drugs etc.,unless you're an astronomical outlier, you're screwed to always be mediocre and destined for absolute nothingness along with all of your siblings. That's the harsh reality. Your upbringing is 99% of your future and your upbringing is complete shit.

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Ps. Weed doesn’t not cause rage.

>weed induced rage
>how do I keep from killing myself
Stop lying for starters.

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He's the most important person in my life and I'm running away with my mom and brother cause I love them and they didn't think it was safe to be with him but all I wanted to do was stay home and tell him I still and will always love him.

Lying will lead you to hell.

>weed induced rage
Did he buy off the streets and get some tainted nasty?

He will understand it with time, as you will understand him also. One day you will be the man his inner child looks up to. What is to do know, is make sure your mother doesn’t turn a rip in a cloth unto complete discardment. Involving the police is only going to worsen the situation for all. Keep that in mind.

He got into some fight with my mom over his breathing machine and I know he took medical cannabis before so I just mixed the two together and thought that the intense outburst was from him being high, he's usually chill about this stuff

dude if that's all it takes for you to want to off yourself, please don't ever have kids. You will fuck them up with your sensitivity bullshit. Also if you're still in school don't shoot it up. K thx.

It's medical cannabis, he eats it in these flavored gummies

I highly doubt it's weed induced user, it could be those accidents rattled his brain and now a few screws are loose

Dude chill and huff glue that should calm you down

>weed induced rage

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I agree that women can just as much be a problem, but this advice is complete bullshit. Family has too earn that level of support. I am 30 now and have always had that attitude towards my family... until this year, that attitude of cutting people slack just because you share genes is something I have finally been able to let go of. If this has never happened before, sure, maybe something is up, everyone needs support asnd understanding, everyone makes mistakes, if this is any sort of pattern... fuck them! you are feeling suicidal? that makes me think this is a pattern. You don't deserve this, you can find better support, you can build your own strength on your own to enjoy your life if you cut them out. I do absolutely agree with the fact that women are absolutely part of the problem sometimes, it's sneakier usually. I went most of my life not understanding my relationship with my father, it was absolutely not healthy and it hurt me until recently only to realize the most damage, the deep, long lasting, just now finally undoing it damage, came from my "loving" mother.

Now, about the weed... have you smoked marijuana before? rage and weed just don't go in the same sentance unless you are describe the rage melting away, that also makes me think something else is up behind the scenes. remember reasons do not equate to excuses...


It’s a couples’s thing, & their personal problems. The bad part is they don’t have the sensitivity to not use you & your siblings as bargaining chips to win their arguments. Tl;dr couples gonna fight

Shooting up a school wouldn't fix my problems anyway, I never planned on having kids, ever since I was born I've had a crippling anxiety disorder I got from my moms side of the family, a lot of times in my head small disasters are blown way out of proportion emotionally and I end up breaking down due to stress of not knowing what to do of thinking it's all my fault when it isn't, a strong reason I didn't want to leave is because I'm worried he'll kill himself, he's one of the only reasons I'm still alive.

In other words you're not old enough to be here. It's literally impossible to get rage from being stoned off weed.

You come from disfunctional people, it is only normal you too have issues. Give your self the time & the love for you to grow. SInce no one else will. You have a lot to over come but it comes with age. Don’t let people emotionally use you, I agree not even family. Best you can do is love your self enough to care about your well being, this should also be the best you can do for others, as they should be happy for you. This is temporary ups & downs mang, life is full of them

Ok, so the rage I can tell you is definitely not from that


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Key word here is “he got into a fight -WITH- my mom” your mother is too part of it. You n your brother got caught in the middle .

I've had a strong relationship with my father and I live with an anxiety disorder, my parents have got into heated fights before but never ones where the rest of the family has had to leave the house. The suicidal thoughts come from a sense of stress and not knowing what to do next stuck in this void of anxiety and just wanting it to be over.

I've never had weed but my father has takes medical cannabis to help with physical pain and was on medication at the time of the fight.

smoke weed

>weed induced rage

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>weed induced rage

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>Weed-induced rage

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I'm at least glad I can make people laugh from my situation, sometimes it's better to cover tragedy with comedy

>weed induced rage

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Oh we're laughing all right, but not for the reason you think

>weed induced rage

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No I understand completely, 1. You're laughing at how dumb my situation sounds 2. You're laughing at the fact that weed is associated with calmness while I should've explained that my dad was on cannabis gummies before the attack and how he was on drugs while doing it instead of mixing the two together. It actually makes me happy to know that people find my post funny even if it wasn't meant to be, it brings a weird comfort to my heart.

>weed induced rage

>It’s psychological violence
I lost my job because spics started fucking with me.

Yknow, he's the one with the home and the that gets you. Bring up the idea of going back when he's had time to mellow out. If they disagree and your mom certainly will, you might wanna establish a way of being able to always contact them then go back home

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