On October 15th 2019, the night shall be ours.

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Ha! Kind of difficult to see any passion in your message when you have to sneak around at night.


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well while it is ok to be white, putting posters up everywhere sounds like something a middle school edgelord would do

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Wait did you not want people to complain about the posters?
I thought it was put up just to get attention.

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I dislike all the negative attention any white person gets on the media, i mean some are deserved, but most are just retarded people just yelling at their screens at someone who hasn’t done anything wrong

plus i kinda personally think white people get a bad wrap in general, i agree with this statement though.

You know, understanding where you guys stand don't make one alt right. Identity politics has to go, agreed, but solution is not starting brown shirts again.

I’ll put up 10 posters. In Florida location.

New Hampshire here. You got my coverage

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>White people hate other white people so I hate non-white people

Stupid ass hoe

Was gonna say I work that night but I don't, fuck...

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Australia's in. I'll spread the word OP.

Let's not and say we didn't. "It's ok to be white" doesn't make you own the libs it just makes you sound like Ben Shapiro. It's not even genius trolling it's quite lame and tired out. "It's ok to be white" makes you sound like the faggot neo conservative kid in highschool who starts ever sentence with "uHMmmm AcKTually" before spewing out some retarded nonsecene about how poor people dying because they can't afford insulin is actually a good thing.

unironically i got seattle

at what point do poor people not have free agency? i understand there are mentally ill people who need assistance but the vast majority are just lazy or drug addicted. Born into poverty is not an argument in America, everyone gets a fair shot.

>everyone gets a fair shot
you must be memeing, right?

Op is most likely a newfag and 12

A 12 year old wouldn't use MS paint to spread their revolution

no, please make ur point.

lol. There are so many poor people who work their asses off, trying to save money to 'get ahead', but they just get nickled and dimed to death by those who committed crimes to accrue their wealth, or were descended from those who did. It's expensive to be born poor.
I love it when people born into families with parents who pay for their car, insurance, school, down payment and/or house, talk as though anyone without this kind of wealth "must be lazy or drug addicted".
Your mom's in rehab for the 3rd time because she was born into wealth and can afford the luxury of opiate addiction. She inherited wealth because her grand daddy joined a club that was efficiently exploiting the 3rd world. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was the right race and friendly enough. A good god fearin' man.
That mexican dude down on the other side of town, the one who works 16 hrs a day just to make ends meet and afford rent and medication for his kids, he's going to die poor.
Because your system is fucked. Ignorant fucks like you need some darwinian selection injected back into the equation or you're headed for a collapse.

There are many ways in which people can have unfair upbringings, like being born in the hood if you don't want to join gangs and/or sell drugs, have an abusive family, or just bad luck, like being robbed, or having everything you worked for burned in the L.A. riots, and similar things happens to lots of people who are homeless today.

what did i just fuckin say? born into poverty is not an argument in america,
the real issue with what ur talking about is a parenting crisis, it’s not “da whyte man keepin da blacc man dooowwwn” that hasn’t been true for a long time.

This is pathetic. Nice to see people more insecure than me.

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This is 'murika. Just repeat it enough and people will believe it, repeat it enough and it will BE the truth.

lol I live in wisconsin, unless I was in Milwaukee or Waukesha, I would be 100% on board. unfortunately I live up in the sticks, where finding a black or colored person is about as rare as finding a diamond in a piece of shit

I can’t wait till the Democrats are back in power r and they make this kind of faggotry illegal.

It is, it's do to capitalism. We have people born into poverty and people born into vast amount of wealth. The people who live in poverty have ancestors that were slaves, it's not a coincidence



Not going to stop Drumpf getting impeached kekkek
That fucker is going doooooooown

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for what tho

oh sweet. more useful idiots, useful idioting for hostile powers.

in all seriousness, disregard the forth coming 'call to arms'. civil war is being encouraged in the u.s. by foreign nations to aid in their 'divide and conquer' / 'balkanization' strategy. stay smart and safe user.

Clint9n was impeach for getting dick sucked
Drumpf is impeach for sucking dick

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Please comrade
Do not be trolling my patriot post!
I am American premium 100%

Im not talking about only black people. There are many white homeless people who are trying to become less poor, but they're wageslave cucked into oblivion, and become homeless. People that are "lazy" also deserve a shot, as medications, like some stimulant, will make them want to work. These people don't deserve to die, right?

oh no u have scrombled me

Oh shit, is that a pic from the private meeting w/ Putin?

>I can’t wait till the Democrats are back in power and they make free speech illegal
You're one dumb faggot.

Drumpf sure scrombled Obama’s dick

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Got this one too!

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stay mad u little virgin incel.

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Mfw ppl doesn't know about the big time reset.

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Kill yourself shitskin.

>wageslave cucked
i’m assuming u mean they can’t get any other job than in the service industry? why do u think that is

I’m a pure alabaster white, not that it matters u little virgin buttjunket

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Shhh dude you’re making too much sense

Fucking kek

Ad victorium

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No you aren't.

They couldn't afford to go to any universities to get degrees to get better jobs. those jobs sometimes can't even make ends meet, thus homelessness

You not going to do shit

all this talk about “systemic racism” is a distraction by the dems to keep american minorities stupid and violent and in the servant class, the dems always have been racist.

>diabetics who need insulin are drug addicts


Sorry, by "those jobs", I mean the service industry jobs, not the college degree jobs

not going to college makes u a homeless gangster? no dumbass, it’s a parenting crisis

most jobs aren’t service jobs and only require HS diploma, what are u saying man please don’t be baiting me

>On October 15th 2019, the night shall be ours

What exactly do you mean by "parenting crisis"? Also, homeless people =/= gangsters. In fact, I have never heard of a gangster without a home.

>white people get a bad wrap
I'm watching my carbs, so I go for a spinach or lettuce wrap.


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i mean what i said, duder. parents don’t exist anymore, for the last few generations it’s like kids raising kids to be kids forever.

take a candle with you

How is being born into an impoverished family not an excuse, when it does cause innocent people to become homeless.

i’m one that believes daycares and public schools are extremely detrimental to early development, divorce should also be re-stigmatized and looked down upon harshly. it’s like people nowadays get off abusing their children.

it’s not an excuse because at any point u can get off ur ass and do something ur good at, in america at least

The stress from being poor, and/or other things can get people into drugs, which drags them down further. These people can't always get off their ass and do something, as they should get treatment for their addiction, but they can't, or it's hard to, because the USA doesn't have homeless anti-addiction facilities like the fellas up North do.

I've talked to lots of poor people, and it's just not as black and white as being lazy or getting off their ass to do something. I can give examples of some people that are/were homeless, if you'd like.

What america do you live in? Cause here you do heroin untill you finally get the guts (and money) to put a bullet in your brain

please do, btw i grew up poor, all my friends have as well

Trump won't be removed from office by the Republican controlled Senate, you knuckle dragging mouth breather. The Dems will try to pass Articles of Impeachment in the House & if it actually somehow gets enough votes to stand, it'll die in the Senate.

what a selfish thing to do, i think this has a lot to do with godlessness

could’ve used all that wasted boohoo money to open a business but noooo boohoo woe is u

There was a homeless guy in Utah named James Charles (not the gay James Charles) that I've talked to. He is white, and he became a drug-addict because his family was always fighting, and his father was a gang affiliate who brought gang members into his house to do stuff like parties, plans etc. By the time he was 19, he became estranged with his family, because it was too stressful for him to be with them, so he ran away from home. He did several jobs, but he kept on getting fired because of his addiction. He couldn't find anybody to help him get off heroine, even though he looked for weeks. He needed help, but he didn't get any.

Yes he will.

so he made two very bad choices and is now in a deep hole, why didn’t he just try to better himself? he took the “easy way out” twice and look where it got him.

but why? nobody can answer because there is no reason other than u don’t like him

Reported to FBI for hate terrorism.

It's not ok to be white, not when white nationalist morons and alt-right pieces of shit make it part of their identity politics.

He did try to better himself. As it says, he was looking for weeks to get out of addiction. He needed the drugs in the first place to deal with his terrible circumstance.

Not muh fault u too retart to u understand impeach

Don’t worry, we’re all on it

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Lol same here. Northeast Wisconsin doesn't seem to 'take kindly to their kind', either that or perhaps nobody wants to live in the middle of nowhere in a frozen wasteland.

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Ancient image, you'd have to be a newfag to fall for that shit

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>People who live in poverty have ancestors that were slaves.

Nice one...

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oh shiiiieeeeeeet

they’re not the only ones watching

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THERE it is
>he needed the drugs
nope, he wanted them and he chose to bring that world of addiction onto himself

That's considered a hate crime you know

It is put up to make a point. The point is that they will not allow any white positive statements. Of course it would be great if that were not the case.

That is unconstitutional you know

Your jewish tricks don't work here.