Why are republicans/religious people so stupid? They blindly follow shit without research...

Why are republicans/religious people so stupid? They blindly follow shit without research, never try to comprehend opposing views with facts, are they so fearful of being wrong? Of course some of the left are retarded too but clearly conservatices are abit less developed.
>I have no party affiliation because I'm not a fucking tribal retard I look at facts and party agendas/individuals.

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thank you for your insightful and intellectually stimulating poast on a porn board

wait this is a porn board?


>porn board

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By volume, it appears so

that would explain the ads.

Why are democrats/atheist people so stupid? They blindly follow shit without research, never try to comprehend opposing views with facts, are they so fearful of being wrong? Of course some of the right are retarded too but clearly leftiscs are abit less developed.
>I have no party affiliation because I'm not a fucking tribal retard I look at facts and party agendas/individuals

>"atheists never look at facts"
Are you mentally ill? Serious question. I've only met maybe two democrats that haven't listened to arguments from the right and thoughtfully debated them, I've met many on the right who stick their fingers in their ears mate. Idgaf about either side stating facts here

It's inherent in the limited views of conservitards. Their outlook is based on fear and a false nostalgia.

Yeah, your foreign ass has never met a fucking democrat in your entire life. Shut the fuck up.

I've seen leftists convert to the right after going into the navy (bunch of gay weebs) the kid was so easily manipulated just changed his views talking to a few grunts. I really don't understand how some people can be so intellectually dishonest though, they must understand how fucking dumb they act.. You're a fucking monkey. I've traveled unlike your hillbilly boy ass. Incase you didnt know conservatives are Canadian. The world doesn't revolve around your country ape

>conservatives are Canadian.
ROFL just stop, this is fucking embarrassing now

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You really need to get out more monkey, but yeah ignore logic prove me right more religious tard


Blue red blue red
I just want less npcs more content irl..

>Why are atheists/leftist people so stupid? They blindly follow shit without doing their own research, never try to comprehend opposing views with facts, are they so fearful of being wrong? Of course atheists/leftists are retarded clearly.

fixed that 4 u faggot

using racial slurs online to prove you believe in your progressive values

Being a low-key racist is the hallmart of a true progressive

Right cuz atheists have the burden of proof tard

No, you're as developed as a primal ape. The fact that you thought it was a racist undertone says alot. You have a lot of growing to do kido


The tall-tell sign you have lost the argument, you start calling everyone a kid

>The entirety of conservatism is based on fear and false nostalgia
I see le understanderer of history and politics has arrived

>ignores every point made up to the start of the thread
>thinks people should consider him an equal when clearly has no interest in honest intellectual discussion

youre on a website of white supremacists that jerk off to bbc and gay porn and trade pokemon cards. when you say monkey it means nigger, dumb nigger.

Was the point that you're a gigantic faggot? Because you made that very clear.

>Right cuz the religious/conservatives have the burden of proof tard

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>intellectual discussion
this is Sup Forums...and youre on Sup Forums right now...fuck off with this hilarious shit...am i being punked? is this a secret YLYL thread?

this lack of self awareness makes my fucking head hurt.

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English is still English though, if I trigger some incels I don't mind.
Awh go tell your mommy.
The religious make the claim, you know that right? You can't really be this stupid

Right... They need help

You ain't triggering anybody, "mate". We're fucking laughing at your retarded ass.

Thats on all sides bud

>everybody i disagree with is X
>you make a claim, you have to prove it, but if I make a claim, you still have to prove a negative

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>Why are republicans/religious people so stupid? They blindly follow shit without research, never try to comprehend opposing views with facts, are they so fearful of being wrong? Of course some of the left are retarded too but clearly conservatices are abit less developed.
>>I have no party affiliation because I'm not a fucking tribal retard I look at facts and party agendas/individuals.
Obviously u don't look at facts because if you did the info John Solomon produced would have sealed the deal for you faggot... Now run along and fuck off.. Commie

It's because the fear center in their brain is stuck on some kind of crazy permanent mode.
They're scared, all the time, of so many things.
This keeps them from calmly and logically analyzing so many aspects of their lives and of society at large.

Literally proving my point. I'm not left you retarded apes. Unlike you I'm not racist and calking you a lower intelligence primate has no racial undertones. Laugh while the adults discuss your mental incapabilities go ahead. I have many intelligent semi conservative friends but you lot are definitely at the bottom. Commie, what a joke lmfao
You realize I criticize both sides yet get some butt hurt you don't even read properly. That. Is. My. Point. The right cannot handle debate.

OP has some points, but OP is also most definitely the "butt hurt" one ITT

>duh conservatives scared
So I guess that means libs/leftists are just mindless stoners who worry about nothing.
>they be scared
yeah I don't want to eat bugs and live in a shipping container while working as a feudal serf for jews who destroy my nation's identity
>they cant calmly and logically analyse anyfink with facts and logic epic style
What does that even mean? Has the entire history of religion, empire and monarchy all been everyone having a mental breakdown simultaneously for centuries on end? Has nobody written anything on traditionalism or produced great works of art?

the 50000 IQ centrist has entered the field

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Mans watching porn while waiting for the few who actually bring something to this discussion, im used to the right not holding a covo this is quite common ny dude. I argue for a living
Begging the question fallacy. Conspiracy theorist who's clearly off medication.."my nation" oh that's a good one.
Religion has no place in modern society, I don't think you've even thought out that paragraph what are you even trying to get at lmfao... I never said conservatives have no good values... Why the fuck do you think I said I'm independent from party affiliation. Currently conservative parties are just shills for corporatations much like the liberals, NDP etc.. They all do the same thing but some are just less releigous and have better money managing skills

The kid who's mad everyone wants equal rights has waddled in

>duh conservatives scared
So I guess that means libs/leftists are just mindless stoners who worry about nothing.

As user has so kindly demonstrated, conservative/religious types are also much more prone to binary thinking, seeing everything as black and white and instantly "choosing a team" instead of giving it any real thought, let alone considering a 3rd or a 4th possibility.

Yeah, american conservatives are pretty fucking retarded. So ficking retarded, they are, that they avoid going to college because they're afraid the crazy lefty socialist are going to infect the their big brains. If you are so fucking right about everything, why would you be afraid of considering other peoples viewpoints.

>im super elite and educated
>my punctuation and grammar is absolutely trash tier
>im better than you though
>im not a leftist
funny, because you argue just like a leftist
hm interesting how you call others baby goats...are you a farm animal with access to the farmers cellphone?

"1/4 women will be raped in college"

Go by the old saying: A person is smart. People are stupid.

>Religion has no place in modern society
You wouldn't have a society in the first place if there weren't for religion telling people to behave and not fuck other man's wife. You can stop posting because you clearly have no clue what you are talking about. And faggots with >RELIGION IS BAD BECAUSE GOD DOESN'T LIKE GAYS replies need not to reply either.

learn 2 greentext granpda. until then gtfo off Sup Forums

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it"

This idea is lost on ameritards, they'd probably just laugh at it and regurgitate a current meme that could be interpreted as somewhat relevant.
It's more beneficial in american society to pick a side and fanatically defend it, no matter what. Be part of a rabbid pack, tear apart other rabid packs, one day our alpha wolf come down from heaven and tear apart all other packs forever!

How do they not understand this irony... Like at least the left listen to ideas. Shit I'm highly left just because I'm not a closeted racist and hate minotirties.. That's what its turned into. Conservativism used to be about being pro business and against big government. Its literally the opposite now and this hillbilly type base has changed it due to their inability to investigate. I had a tard a few days ago say I was getting "brainwashed and told what time think" by getting a lawyer degree.. How backwards are they

I bet you know a lot about farm animals, not much on critical thinking
LOOOOOL. Humans evolved with social behaviors common with one another, morality is somewhat ingrained in us. Your religion and past religions promote slavery, sex trafficking, murdering family members, ans a million other horrible things. Youre literally brainwashed by your cult and I really actually feel sorry for you, I hope you make it out

I wanted to maintain and communicate the fact that above user was greentexting a previous user. There are only the 2 text colors as far as I'm aware.
Learn to infer, bucko

lol, implying that women don't have a choice in cucking their men, and that religion is what stops it.

In case you didn't know, humans learn to be racist, they learn how to hate other groups. Children understand right from wrong quickly and no one I hope had to tell you murdering people is wrong? If you don't have morality without a book written by fucking idiots and sheep herders from thousands of years ago you need a reality check

not entirely true, babies recognize skin colors and will self segregate, but they can be also be very easily shown that its not a thing to care about either.

You are proving OP's point you fucking uber mong. Think for yourself, derpy.

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but you 100% right that Hate is an acquired reaction

Op btw,
I'm sorry to see no proper debate from the right, about 4 days ago I had some right sided guns advocates explaining their views and such and it was actually pretty productive. I expected a little too much think those guys set the bar too high

I tried reading the whole Bible but made it to Ecclesiastes. Like most stories there's a lesson to be learned and that's how I feel about the Bible or religion in general. I remember Exodus made me laugh a lot because of how disobedient and skeptic the Jews were.

Humans learn to hunt, humans learn to sow crops, humans learn to automate mundane tasks, humans learn language and abstract thought...

Racism is one the most universal and ubiquitous human behaviors, leading me to think there might be good reasons for maintaining distinct and varied racial groups. I don't get why the modern vision of a "diverse melting pot" is pushed so hard as being the ideal and desirable state of humanity.
It's okay for there to be distinct and separate groups of people.

Link to a study please, I've never seen a baby racist. Ive only seen kids wave at random strangers and smile to anyone regardless of race.

>the concept of a nation is a conspiracy theory
nah I think you're the one who skipped your meds
>Religion has no place in modern society
Ah nice no need for us to devote ourselves to a greater cause that brings together hundreds of millions from across the world, not to mention the foundation of our moral code and the centrepiece of most works of classical art. In the fedora utopia all life shall be atomized and centred around logic and materialism.

'Logic' has never motivated anyone to fight, bleed and die on a battlefield. No one has taken up arms for a cause centred around facts or reason.

if you want a gun debate go to /k/ retard if you want a political debate about religion and politics then go to fucking Sup Forums

Sup Forums is literally where all the mentally damaged normies jerk off and experience gore and trannies

fucking lurk for a few years before making dumb asshole threads and spout your fucking retarded opinions when youre on the wrong fucking board


This sounds a lot like opinions, if racism is a universal trait please link a proper study where you learned this magnificent mind blowing fact? Unless this is your opinion and you just don't want to believe there may be other options

>Everyone was tolerant of everyone and there was no bigotry or conflict until hitler invented jim crow slavery in 1492

Excluding other humans yes.
Lol, religion is a cancer on the human race. Its set us back thousands of years. Dark ages, look at the middle east. They invented todays math. Then religion hit them and destroyed their progress. You clearly know nothing about world religions and the hardships people face. Ohhh you wanna believe in fairys so people can meet up every week? Maybe find a fucking hobby and progress the human race instead of magic sky daddy giving you morals and cancer

Lurked for many years mate. I'm here for entertainment from the incels i baited here. The good discussion that comes out is a bonus, and meeting non retarded right members is a mega plus too.

I said its learned, I didnt say it doesn't exist?

Still tryna load it, site works right?

>fear and a false nostalgia

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How did 'religion' set us back thousands of years? What would you even define as 'religion'?

>romans invent colluseum --> science go up
>mom take me to church --> science go down
>richard dawkins n shieet --> science go very up

now yuo see

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Imagine, you're given the chance of merely existing and yet you spend it by hating on niggers, thanks for making my night fam

Research what happened to the middle east. They were the leading nation of science and math, then religion hit and they stopped all progress, religion has executed academic for thousands of years. Women who attempted nursing/herbal remedies were burned as witches. Every scientific advancement was opposed and attacked by religion until the religious couldn't hold the power to do that. Hell people stated the world was round, gives proof, killed by the church. All religion has done is slowed down human advancement. But for real, the middle east would have boomed human kinds place right now, our technology would be several decades more advanced if not more. Plus the dark ages... You know when people stopped doing anything related to discovery because of religion and crusades.

>i'm smurt cuz im an atheist leftist: the thread

is your mother as proud of your arrogance as you are?

Religion > faith in things that are demonstrably untrue created by scam artists to gain influence over people and power. Any idea that must have solely faith and no critical thinking and debate... Even bhudism in its core overall is just bad misinformation


Religion helped, and still helps, scare the fearful into at least passable behavior.
Without religion a huge portion of society would be even more fucked up than they already are. Religion and fear of punishment/ hope for reward are the main motivating factor for most of the worlds population. Those who learn to channel and control it can actually effect change and progress in the real world.
To say that religion is useless, or that it has no place in the 'modern' world is just plain retarded. It is indispensably useful to anyone who wants to gain power and make changes in the real world outside their mothers basement.
Even if you just want to be a normal wagecuck, it behooves one to know what religion is and how to use it to manipulate the people around you. How to understand the social implications of religion and navigate those nuances to your own benefit.

Being atheist means you do not accept regions claim. To think that makes you egotistical makes you retarded. But I believe I'm fairly welle educated as I have two degrees one being a law degree but fuck you too random

you know, there will always be retarded people arround, and there will always be people who actually have nothing better to do than to criticize them.

Allow me to explain this phenomenon: Dumb people are terrified of change. They are not bright enough to work out whether doing something differently might be advantageous, so they fall back on the dumbass mantra: "did it yesterday, do it again today." And this is at the core of conservatism: fear of change.

As for them usually being godtards, again, they are too stupid to reason their way past fear of death. Naturally, they are attracted to the scammers in the religion business who offer them a way to cheat death.

Triple A meetings have been proven to not help, the most religious countries vs the most atheist show that the religion commit more crimes, adultery etc. Religion doesn't fear anyone, they all know its a load of shit lol

Thats what jebus put me here to do

>i'm a lawyer, fuck you.

don't care bro, if you wanna keep crimscum out of prison, thats on your conscience, not mine.


What do you mean 'when religion hit'? Please give me some form of information as to obese Persians wearing fedoras watching Zoroastrianism owned compilations on youtube

>The papacy tried people who said the world was round so that means we would have space ships to pluto by now if mom didn't take me to church

>ignores points like past rights have
You realize lawyers do taxes, help families, property law.. Literally everything but no all we do is criminal last boy


Enjoy. Idk why you're so skeptical, religions sole purpose is to hold back scoietty and keep power to themselves but okay, you do you

once again, dont care.
want a cookie?

>Religion doesn't fear anyone, they all know its a load of shit

Does this make any fucking sense to anyone else?

Intellectual debate is tastier but clearly some aren't capable

Fearful was just used, maybe read connecting posts. More fearful, to be feared, etc?

not looking for an intellectual debate, i'm mocking your arrogance and elitism, i dont care about your damned brownie points you have collected for yourself.

You do realise that paganism is a religion right? That the Romans and Greeks worshipped Gods and built idols to them? If all religion held back the world then there wouldn't have been any progress to stop in the first place.

Literally posted about understanding the rights inability to warrent good debate, all you've done is prove you can't
I never said all religions were equal. And they all. I repeat, all. Have had setbacks to society. Idols do very little harm, killing scholars and burning libraries does.

You just stated religion started humanity's progress.. I don't think the first dude who made up a religion created domestication of animals or basically tools mate.

lol at this assertion falling apart, there's no more Reganites to blame and conservatism is returning to the control of the people from the wealthy usurpers you sent to play the bad guy

party system will end soon when the GOP dies and the new opposition party isn't a malformed flipper baby you replaced post-Nixon conservatism with

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you are confusing not able to with not wanting to, once again, you lose. keep trying tho, i find it humorous.

The con parties in the U.s and Canada take hugse donations from oil gas etc... Same as the left. But I dont think I sent any wealthy people doe. I wouldn't give a shit if parties ended mate
Course little buddy

>Religion doesn't fear anyone
Does the 3rd worlder mean "religion doesn't SCARE anyone?"
I'm genuinely trying to understand what they're trying to say, but it's just nonsense.

Have you seen trumps base? You think trump wants what's best for them lmao? He's such more corrupt then Obama. But no you guys got all the power while you pay for his failing golf courses