I left my gf of 2 years in financial ruin and moved back in with my parents because it was the easy way out...

I left my gf of 2 years in financial ruin and moved back in with my parents because it was the easy way out. I feel like shit. What do?

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Post her nudes in a mega obviously

pay me to shit on her chest


What constitutes financial ruin? No source of income and broke? Bankrupt and thousands in the hole? Likely to be a sex slave for some rich bastard at this point? How bad we talkin'?

post her nudes so we can al jerk off and pay our respects

Stop thinking in terms of useless emotion and start thinking logically. Guilt does nothing. Love does nothing. Emotion does nothing.

Like 2k

I wish it was that easy

Is she in a decent situation aside from the debt, or is she like, abandoned in an apartment or something?

you left pusy over 2k? what you, 15? 2k is like a week or two of money you poor faggot lmfao

This is a good start.

post her nudes to make other people happy, then you will be happier too

I'd be preparing for when that exact situation happens to you, not that it will but at least you'll be one step ahead of the game

She's twice my age and can't work. Only 600 a month. Im 23

This nigga gets it

Get a job and send her all the money until you feel better or she is not in financial ruin anymore. Should be easy even with minimum wage as your living expenses should be low now that you live at your psrents place.

wtf are you dating a retard?

Eh; live and let live I say then.

If you actually cared about her you wouldn't have left. If you have too much of a guilty conscious still, work literally any job for the money and pay her back over time until you're even. Know that she's fucking other dudes on your dime if you do that though... cause relationship is through either way

She has back probs

Was she using you?

Trying to move on, almost had sex with another girl last night but I couldn't stop thinking of her.

bro fuck that shit she sounds fucking retarded and handicapped move on with ur life

I was paying for moslty everyrthing. But I try not to think that way. Hurts too much

Trust me, that ain't financial ruin. I made myself homeless to get rid of my 21 yr old ex that was sponging off me. She ended up shacking up with a 45 year old guy that was divorced, refused to work, lived in between the streets & his parents while smoking pot all day.

The ho bag completely went off the deep end after that. Now she's got bastard kids with a guy over twice her age, no job skills for either of them & they alienate everyone around them so no one will help.

In the meantime I didn't care if I was homeless or not. I was free of her. Whenever I feel bad about my shitty situation, I peek in on her & think to myself "I fucking told you so."

Financial ruin isn't debt. It's removing basic human needs & preventing resources from coming in

Was she using you?

Drop the dead weight when you gotta man

I agree, I do feel free. But man, one more day wouldn't be bad

What would you do with that final day?

>Twice my age
>can't work
>im 23
So shes a deadbeat 46 year old.
>moved in with my parents
This is the start of some incest porno

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To hold her and cry myself to sleep

Do you still talk to her? I think that you can still help her out if you care about her, even if you are back at your parent's house.

Just within this statement tells me you're a fucking moron.

One more minute of time even thinking about them, let alone spending it with them in person is more than a waste for me. It's downright dangerous

I only peek in to remind myself to do better things for myself. Set higher standards & learn from mistakes. I gave that bitch more opportunities than I gave myself & she woulda took me down with her if it meant keeping me as her meal ticket

I made sure she was doing well in school & she sabotaged anything I was doing that gave me any modicum of self sufficiency. Even after she was gone & with another dude, she still tried to mess with me. So when you say one more day, even though we are different people with different women, you're obviously infatuated with a fantasy rather than a reality

No, just beers and smokes. Maybe I'll forget

She has my heart

Big brain psychopath comin' thru.

I have to admit that some distance might be better. I still feel the same way about my ex, and the truth of the matter is that we're better off being apart from one another. We can both achieve happiness - me by working in my chosen field, her by becoming the greatest sumo wrestler in Philadelphia. So it might not be the worst thing in the world for her.

Be born white

I'm not a robot

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this is why we have school shooters. Literally a zuckerburg here.
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