Since there’s a gay thread, why not a lesbian once, girls what lesbian shit did you do when you were younger?

Since there’s a gay thread, why not a lesbian once, girls what lesbian shit did you do when you were younger?

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Dumb fuk don't you know there is no girls on the internet

There are no girls here, maybe a few traps but they don't count

dike threads are pathetic if ure men they dont fucking want you and wouldnt give ur nasty ass the time of day

faggot threads are realistic

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Yeah this.

I'd be interested in this but girls aren't on the internet.

There are some on here, but many won't post tits so you can't be sure either way.

No there's not it's all guys, nothing but guys

>Implying there are lesbians on Sup Forums

Take this dumb shit to jewbook

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I fisted some chicks asshole

Was this "chick" your hand?

No then we would have been fist bumping ya dumby

Ever been to /soc/?

this is Sup Forums though


Great idea, dude... This thread was so interesting...

i ate my best friend's pussy when she was in my bedroom for a sleepover

When did the cops get called for you molesting your little sister, user

Cam whores don't count if you have to pay

Girls post themselves on there all the time without contact details.

And we have to suffer thru all the land whales and ham planets...... We all pay in one way or another

Spiderman thread.... Spiderman thread

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I'll bite. I was sleeping over at a boys house when I was like 13, along with a couple of other girls. The boy whose house it was was showing us how limewire worked to download music. Find out he's also been downloading porn. Somehow watching porn lead to being dared to go down on one of the other girls. It was fun but very short-lived.

Now bring on the demands for tits.

"gay" means "gay", no matter is it's MM or FF, user

Wow, that was long ago. How old were you then and how old are you now? More details?

13 then, 26 now. There's not many more details to give really, we played games like dares a lot but that was the only time there was ever lesbian stuff beyond what we did to tease boys, like kissing etc.