Cigarette thread. You smoke Sup Forums ? If so, what brand? And when did you start?

Cigarette thread. You smoke Sup Forums ? If so, what brand? And when did you start?

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I did for a bit at parties in Uni, but now I don't drink so much and I sport more so no.

Also smoking fags makes you one...

>Thing is almost guaranteed to kill me

"Sure ill do it i need dopamine because i'm a lower life form!"

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I really only smoke when I do coke or lsd now which is not often at all. occasionally when really drunk and someone has a pack
I like american spirits or nats but I'll smoke whatever

I smoke regular camel crush. Before that I smoked Marlboro menthols and Newports and nah I'm not black.

We all know it's bad you fucking retard. Lol

Camel Turkish Royals. 1 stog every other day.

Smoke marb menthols, 1.5 packs per day

I've smoked on and off for years, and I severely limit myself. Djarum Blacks, and about a pack every two weeks.

Da best

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Ok, so you’re into menthol, cool! I smoke NXT’s (as shown above) and I always like that cool menthol at the end of the cig. Nice and refreshing. OP here btw

Belmonts King size blue
Since 2008
I smoke after dinner on my back deck for a couple hours every day. I do it while listening to what ever audiobook I happen to be into at the time.

Wow. Tbh that sounds really relaxing. You ever have the problem of if you smoke like more then like two cigs back to back you start wheezing like you have chest congestion? (Op here btw)

Nats for life

Miss this box

JPS gold leaf hand rolled and spliffs full britbong style

Never had ‘em. Why’s that?

all natural tobacco with no additives and they taste nice
they're just a nice change from marlboros and shit (I'm the guy he quoted)

Weed is for children. Only men with a slight death wish and self hatred smoke cigarette.

They're a classic American cigarette.
Storied past, quality product.
They have a townhouse in NYC where you can smoke indoors too.

I love camel crush and same thing like you user, i used to smoke Marlboro

For the longest I thought NXT was a knock off brand lol. Ever try those flavored pall malls?

I smoke weed with tobacco and cigarettes by themselves as well.

Forgot to quote

Why is this even a post. Who talks about their cigs like they got the first pack for the first time. Wtf Sup Forums

I also really used to enjoy the long skinny ones that came in the box, I forget what they were exactly but they were nat Sherman
friends and I would usually buy them when we were gonna eat molly and loved the multicolored ones lol

Just got this haul!

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Nah but I heard of them. Closest thing I had was swisher sweets, which were really nice, but felt kinda trashy. Like I know it sounds dumb but I feel kinda like a badass when I smoke, and I feel like swishers dont give off that same vibe, that being said I know that smoking really makes me look like a fucking animal to some people or like a god dammed terorist. But yeah

Recently got this in from Indonesia. Am from US. So much better then anything we got here. The 76s are god tier cigs.

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In UK Eastern European girls smoke them thin ones

That's wassup man, did you ever smoke Marlboro Smooths?

I know what you mean, it’s just like, idk. I always had this hatred towards people who smoke weed. Like they’re a weakling or a stupid child. But I mean damn, pot heads are chill, so like I can’t stay angry lol

Fantasias, I still have a sealed pack for when I do a hippy flip lol

I hate weedfan assholes aswell, I'm not gonna walk around covered in weed leaves. Just like a joint here and there, keep it low key usually

>stop talking about things that I don't have an interest in!!! They're not interesting to me so they shouldn't be here!!!!

Damn. Do people that smoke always have to be doing drugs with them too? What ever happened to enjoying a cigarette?

Marlboro Midnight's have always been my goto


Next time try a black n mild with the woodtip. I used to smoke those when I was younger and they're not bad. I've smoked Swisher's too, they're not bad when the craves start to hit lol

its just like anime i guess

I can get the Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes as well as Djarum Black Cherry Clove Cigarettes from smoke shops and even some larger gas stations.

Sheetz in WV has them. Tryna save you the hassle user.

Wines with the wood tip are smooth as fuck, some of my favorite cigarillos ever

perique RYO and weed/distillate spliffs;fuck with me

I used to have that problem smoking rooftops, which is the Canadian version of Marlboro reds.

But now that I smoke belmont blues, I dont have that problem anymore. They are quite enjoyable and tasty, especially after a meal or with coffee.

Its the cigars, not the cigs. The cigars are nasty compared to the cigs. The cigs have been banned since 2009

If you order them online you can get Djarum Blacks for like $30 a carton, dude

Tbh I never heard of them before, just googled a picture of the pack and they look fucking awesome. I gotta buy me a pack next time I go for a cigarette run. Also I don’t think they even carry them where I’m from. You from the US user?

yes same as in the us but I really don't care lol
they were great while rolling
yesss hahaha I'm so happy someone else has the same idea we did
something so fun about smoking a fuckin pink cigarette while geeked up

oh shit really?

i guess that makes sense now that i'm thinking about it they are 12 to a pack and not 16.

My sheetz in pittsburgh has them, they are ok I guess? The cigars dont compare to the cigs

Mad man

If you ever get the chance, try the cigs. Its a new level of cigarettes.

I got mine off ciggiesworld but people say cigarettekretek is good too. I paid with btc but you can pay other ways. I felt very uncomfortable getting paying for them but they came!

Yeah it's a shame they don't make them anymore, chicks used to flock to the colors. One time a buddy of mine and I bought 2 cartons and we separated out the colors so we'd have a pack of all blues, reds, etc

NationalSocialism was the best brand until they sold out recently.

I am. They're kinda hard to find here and there. Gas stations that have NXT's most of the time carry them. But I highly recommend. I smoked camels and other Marlboros but not a lot compares to a midnight

Noted. Maybe i’ll Find my neich with those midnights the other user suggested. God dammit I’ve had two cigarettes already and now I want another cause all this talk is giving me cravings. And I can already feel the congestion lmao

Ayy - whattup 412. I miss Pittsburgh

Imagine not smoking and drinking while posting on Sup Forums

On January 17, 2017, Altria Group, Inc. announced that it acquired the privately-held Sherman Group Holdings, LLC and its subsidiaries (Nat Sherman).[3]
fucking kikes every time

Ive looked into buying certain cigs online. Friend in college had "Zhongnanhai Eights" from home and they were phenomenal.

Current Cig of choice tho is Camel Turkish Blend Jade Silver.

May I ask what state your in user? I’m hoping they have them in TX where I’m from

Yee, I hate how harsh the fuckers get when youre halfway done with em

wtf was it hitchen's smoked same thing happened? and they did the same with camels too

fuck I didn't know they didn't make them anymore but explains why I never see them on shelves
I'm sure it's because they "appealed to children"
real shit though it's almost like having coke, everybody wants one. that's an awesome idea though lol you sound like a fun dude to party with

Weird ass colored cigarettes sound fun as hell! I can see myself sitting around thinking “imma have me a pink one now, and maybe a blue one later” lmao

Hi philip, no I don't smoke nor think it's cool, but thanks for the thread.

Ok, thanks.

dude they're great
like I said we would always get a pack or two when taking molly and it just added to the fun
I could imagine they'd be even more exciting on lsd lol

New Hampshire. Dunno if TX will have them

Ahah... maybe that’s why I’ve never heard of them. Maybe they’re only in certain parts of the country. I’ll keep my eye out though

Yeah they were....fantastic lol

And yes, they did sell out. I kills me. At times I think of going back to hand rolling, but those were different times. Would that be getting away from the problem though? No.

As a guy that’s kinda new to smoking. What’s the correct way to hold a cigarette? I’m terrified of looking like a woman with the way I smoke.

if you wanna look really cool hold it between your index finger and thumb, like a joint

Good luck boss

I personally hold it between my middle and ring finger because thats how my dad held his cigs

Smoke regular old Marlboro reds like my daddy did, I have tried pretty much every other cig but I always come back to the old faithful reds, oh and if I'm low on money I'll get a pack of eagle 20's pretty good smokes for $4.99

oh yeah a habit I got into is smoking with my non dominant hand so my dominant hand doesn't stink


I see what you mean, but I mean like, how do you hold it? Like with which fingers?

I replied earlier
I usually do index finger and thumb like a joint, with fingertips
but index and middle finger at the knuckle works too

Oohh ok, I saw that post, thought it was a different person. Noted! Thanks for the input

lol no worries. think of how Matthew McConaughey smokes a cigarette, that's what you wanna go for to be as cool as possible

Winston reds. Big fan of American Spirit blues too.

Started 10 years ago in the military.

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(OP Here) well. Looks like this thread died. Thanks to everyone for stopping by, was great talking to you guys. I gotta remember to keep my eyes peeled for those Marlboro midnights that user mentioned. C ya!

That warning printed on the fucking pack? Or just a sticker or printed on the plastic seal?

is it hard to grow your own like weed? Seems like it would be cheaper

These are great. I get them when I'm in Indon too. Used to smoke gudang garam. But I eventually outgrew the clove.

If you care about this you're a woman.

Any brand. 18.

On the pack. Cigarette laws. We're moving to that mud green plan packaging thing next year.

kretek cigs all the way
mostly Suryas but Tourulo is pretty nice too.

been smoking since 2009 and still alive apparently

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sorry a bit drunk atm


marlboro reds

I roll my own Winfield reds at least 3 times a day

Marlboro red smokers have big dicks

Enjoy your tracheal cancer smokers. And if you vape, and you’re over 12, what are you doing with your life? Man up and earn your slow lung destruction the old fashion way. Not even tobacco smokers want to smell blueberry waffle smoke at a bar, being exhaled by some edgy am-I-cool-guys?-dork.

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>pic very related
being rolling for 10+ years now and love the taste
>hurr durr cancer
blablabla who cares

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since i was 15. Yellow camels or red pall mall

winnie blues are better faggot