I'm dating a non white girl for the first time in my life...

I'm dating a non white girl for the first time in my life, and honestly she's way better than any white girl I've ever been with.

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No one cares.

Im a virgin can anyone confirm?

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You cared enough to post

Well, nothing left to do but post her tits.

I haven't gotten to sleep with her yet, we've only been together two weeks


I had a short relationship with a black girl once (I'm white), she has the face of a Princess and fairytale eyes. Nice boobs to waist ratio. Plain gorgeous. But i could not get used to the difference skin tones on different body parts (made me feel she was unhygienic even tho she had a daily shower obsession), black pimples, white cream pussy during sex (whats that?!) , Simple subject conversations, exotic but disturbing spicy hair smell, disproportional big feet. Do all black woman have this or only specific ones? If so what type? (Pic not directly related, not the girl).

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yeah white girls fucking suck and this is coming from a 100% white male

As a white I realize that all the stupid whites are stupid because they're inbred. Nothing feels as choice as squirting ejaculate into brown girl pussy.

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So you just came here to announce that you have a black friend? Congrats, dude.

tits related

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Mmm lucious spic butt. They all spend their daydreams on getting colonized by white dick and shoving their tongue up white asshole.

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So you were into bestiality this whole time and you didn't know it?!

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I don't think anyone spends their time thinking about rimming my dude, you're just getting played for a greencard

American man made with mexican parts here. I married a white woman, because I know what older wet backs turn into when they get fat and stop giving a shit. I know because I'm related to it. My only beef with white women is that they're very entitled, but she's good at getting refunds and she likes to suck my cock.

That's why I switched to black pussy, all black girls want is some dick and netflix/chill

Yeah, but then they get to looking like garbage bags filled with pudding, bro

Fuck dammit fuck.
I want to fuck a negrotoidesse.

All women are whores. They love debasing themselves in the service of the pleasure of cock because being skilled at whoring is the only way for them to carry superior genes while they cuck their husbands. A very large proportion of married women do this, especially if they've suffered a miscarriage, been raped, or have a poor relationship with their father.

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Any woman looks like shit when they start to get fat

Mexican women tend to do that at a much higher and faster rate

Why do you not have $30?

They’re just trying to take back Texas one white dick at a time.

When they get fat they just want to please to make up for their body image and it's that much harder for them to resist getting knocked up.

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Would you like to site the statistics on that

Nah, that's just your family. My family is white as shit and has fatties left and right but my Mexican girlfriend's family are pretty trim/healthy people

...Projecting much?

Jesus christ the RP burns my fucking eyes

no lol they're all fertile and catholic so they dont believe in birth control so it's just a bad mix
lol dawg I'm 100% white and have no obese people in my family but I live in central california where mexicans make up most of the population and the majority of them are fat as fuck

kill all nonwhites and white traitors unironically

my bad I thought you were


>that disgusting subhuman
zero qualms about killing it, fucking scourge of society

Investing an insignificant amount of time to criticize something is not evidence of caring.

This article proves everyone cooperates in cucking, from traditional adoption, to alpha male offspring born to cunts married to beta ducks, to whoring in general. You name it, human behavior caters to fucklicking as much alpha cum into newly fertile teens as possible, and no system of laws or morality is ever going to change that, because it's a vital genomic defense mechanism.


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How did you know she likes to RP? Does her hairstyle give the DDLG play preference away? I wish I could find more like her, she really loves getting hit.

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I'm referring to your RPing you sad virgin fuck

lol all good but for real mexicans around here have an expiration date moreso than any other race which sucks because I love Latina girls and there are so many

Dude, I'm quite possibly in to four digits in my 51 years, and still knock up teens all over the globe. Tell me why you wish I was making it all up. Does it make you sad to see yourself stuck as a beta?

cool. RP. faggot.

>Sup Forums user
>1000 different girls
>says dude
something does not compute

Wigger newfag

I started at 17, so it's way less than a girl a week; almost one chick every couple weeks. I probably only cummed in 2/3, and sex only knocks a cunt up maybe one time in a hundred, so I probably don't have more than a couple dozen kids out there.

sorry bro i dont believe this shit.

people get dry spells.

i know you're no adonis rich tier mother fucker.,

As I age I used to feel self conscious about it, but now when betas get angry at me it feels nice, like all those times I was bullying them back in class, in school, when their chicks come because seeing an alpha humiliate otherwise perfectly suitable husband material makes them splooge and they need teenage basement couch therapy to help process those feelings.

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i agree with the other user.
cool RP faggot.

I've had plenty of dry spells. I've also spent plenty of time in countries where the city lines up an unlimited stream of ghetto whores to take thick white foreigner sperm bareback as soon as they start to bleed.

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I wish I could see the look on OPs face while he reads his cute new gf this thread.

It's amazing how much betas try to disbelieve reality.

Indy whores might fuck 4-5 different men per week.

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This is how they keep their jobs while not doing much work.

Didn't post Proof


no evidence suggest that this is a faggot

Bump for bullying beta sucks.

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I need an intern.

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