Walk into room

Walk into room
See this
Wat do?

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Wonder how they got it through the door.

Its time to fuck

Fuck what? The fat rolls?

Obviously in her ass

>implying you can push through that ass fat to fuck it
Godspeed user

Not everyone has a small dick, user

No he said, "In her ass." I guess meaning that you get another person, you both crawl into her cavernous caboose, then get down.

Leave Denny's before she starts complaining about non-inclusive chairs and toilets.

A horse would have a hard time getting up in there. Just because the one girl that let you beat says you're big doesn't mean you should be bragging about your 6 incher.

nigga you got hippopotamus dik? ? cuz that's what's going on here man

Call the cops to make sure she isn't smuggling hams out of the supermarket in her colon.

Honestly? Feel pretty bad for her. That’s got to suck.

Clap dat booty like a rn

Depends on the face

pole-vault to safety

Put a bike pump up her ass and finish the job of making the bitch explode like an overfilled balloon.

That sounds like personal experience.

>Wat do?
Lie beneath her for shade

Hope to Christ she doesn't fart....the death toll would be catastrophic

>take secret photo
>post on Sup Forums

Epic meme

ask her to sit on my face

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Return the whale back the the ocean

man the harpoons

You obviously have never smelt the horrid stench of people like that, even after 1 hour after they shower dont spread their cheeks, i dare you user

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propose immediately

this is shopped, right?

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>The scent he lives for

>Walk into room
See this
Wat do?

Wonder what the floor is made of.

I'd fuck that ass harder than an american drone strike on a small middle eastern town.

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barrel roll

Or just a simple thumbtack to pop that.
Office supplies are cheap.

Check her nerve impulses by pinging her ass with metal darts

It's doable. This is primarily what you see if you're a non-gay male prostitute.

All you have to do is spread her cheeks and wedge your pelvis inside. The reverb kills your back after a while, but fat chicks generally tip well

Go fetch me harpoons, mate.