Philippines Thread

Philippines Thread
Dumb all the shit you want to say about our country.

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If you're one of those who unconditionally support our President, you can fuck back to Facebook where you fucking belong.

Why do you let the cancer in the south fester?


Our guy

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I'm filipino but I was born and raised in the U.S. Never understood the whole filipino pride shit lol.

Native Filipino here. I don't understand it too. We haven't done shit

Dating a Filipino... now I instinctively just say, “Ober dear.” And point with my nose.

Also, god damn you ppl love to eat. Luckily I do too... so it’s all good. Especially that beef stew... Dayum!

Lumpia and Ladyboys, FUCK YEAH

It's a full on bush war with porous af sea travel. Good luck winning it.

Love tiny girls who love to cook and work as nurses.

What's to hate, good ass food and cheap booze. Trashy women but hey, it's okay. The culture is pretty party hard too.

Lul what opinion i shud hav about asians south east shithole. Sorry but are you even asian or latin? Also why are there homeless lolis roaming the streets of manila at night? Dont they fear the big black man or in this case the old white man?

actually flips use their puckered lips to point.

Who would?

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Your girls are hot af, sadly they like white men. Which sucks for you and is shallow of em

full of monkeys

Why do so many of you work on cruise ships?

we have traps, femboys, and women you can order around or make sandwiches for you

I talk to a lot of female students from there and all love to be submissive.

Your women are ugly.
Your "country" is uppity.
You can't even figure out wtf to call yourselves using normal conventions: Philippines becomes "filipino" becomes "pinay" becomes whatever the fuck...
Everyplace with half Asian, half hispanic people is a total shithole. Philippines, LA, et cetera...
We should have let Japan keep you.

i actually want free social media access to be gone. too many poor fags who think they're rich and end up making the gene pool a better place by an hero

I would love to go visit, but as a white guy I can't without everyone assuming I'm a pedo.

pedo? fuck, young girls would throw themselves at you just so you can be their sugar daddy

based and savage

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Yeah, that's kinda the problem. It has a reputation of old men going to find desperate 14 year olds.

I just love tropical beaches.

best place for you is a less known island. people will still think you're a walking money tree, but you can relax more and do stuff. lots of pickpockets and criminals which you should be careful of, though.

avoid heavily populated areas and urban cities. less sluts, more shy people, and more "accepting" people in the suburbs.

dont go to boracay or any advertised places. they have their prices elevated for foreigners. dont go to the slums either, you'll have your everything snatched and stolen.

I went there this yr, here's my pol tier thoughts on them

wow we are shit huh