Anything good to watch?

Anything good to watch?
Looking for something to watch that is 20+ minutes and is sort of like a tv show but doesn't have to be a tv show.

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Dark crystal

Cloud Atlas. Can't go wrong, critics loved it.

Dont hug me im scared

this whole channel is funny

Not watching anything by Netflix
>pic related

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waterworld, watched it the other day. stupid af but enjoyable

also its 2hr14ish minutes so perfect for your timeframe

watch surveillancecameraman on youtube
or some longer million dollar extreme or hydewars videos on there

I'll give that a shot sometime

Sam Hyde is funny
I always forget he has a youtube channel

all the mde boys are funny
charls and nick are criminally underrated

Sortedfood on youtube are good. Some good at home cooking tips and lots of fun and banter.

also if you've never watched eastbound and down and are up for a TV show please check it out

When i get like that i watch videos essays on subjects I like, such as Rhystic Studies for Magic:The Gathering or Ryan Hollinger for film. Super Eyepatch Wolf is pretty good too
endless content
newest video uploaded to youtube (guaranteed to be the first person to see this video). refresh for another. and before filters are applied, so tons of weird shit before its autodeleted. ive been on it for like three hours now

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The boys

>Anything good to watch?
Longer than you want, but a good watch
Neither China nor Africa come out of it well
some dude just posted in "anything good to watch thread" but more people gotta see this endless parade of monotony interspersed with weird shit.

its the most recent video on youtube, so like a second old, and apparently before filters are applied, so chance for murder and porn finds or whatever before it gets deleted.

watching a nice cow lady now

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unironically watch trap cuck porn

Which one?


Anime Crimes Division - A web series made by RocketJump that parodies cop shows and anime tropes. It's on YouTube and it's fuckigng underrated. You should watch it.

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>telling me to kill myself because I mentioned "anime" in a mainly anime forum
Lmao, faggot.

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