What do i do with it?

what do i do with it?

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Jizz on it

Smash it's head with the end of that skateboard, try and save the trap if you don't have more, set it up in the same spot as that one, move usually follow the same path, been battling a mouse problem myself

You grab a small amount of olive oil, take it outside, pour a super small amount of the oil on it's feet. The oil will release the mouse.

So it can run back inside his house? Yeah ok.

Doesnt happen like that

it can if you haven't secured the perimeter.

Nah man you gotta kill it, it's getting colder they're gonna be looking to nest, you'll probably have to deal with more but the more of them you kill is a good thing, they multiply fast

Stick it up your ass

Put it back outside and listen to some music :)

I think Op was waiting for someone to say that, it's not gay if it's a dare

Make video of it burning alive

Pour bleach on its eyes and nose. That way it'll lose what it needs to fend for itself.

Cut off a leg afterwards. Then release it. A blind mouse with no sense of smell and also lame - LOL...

This. Make ass mouse

Got a pet snake???

From the variety of the suggestions by these anons, this thread is either gonna get real interesting or real boring real fast

its fake. no timestamp sage

how do i upload a video?

Whatever you do, just make it quick. Drowning is actually a relatively painless death. All you need is a bucket.

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Do to it what you would want done to yourself if in the same position.

Cut it's dick off.

Stick er up yer ass ya slack jawed faggot

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Dude, I threw up a little when it squirted.

Press "Browse..." button after you make a reply, search for video file, select, then post.

i wasnt able to upload mp4 here ;-;
can rats get high?

convert to WEBM format. There's websites that will do it for you

Owl bait

Drown in a big gulp cup

Take it outside and let him run free! don’t listen to half these psychopaths they can’t help that their daddy’s raped them since birth

Freezer should put him to sleep peacefully

cook it well enough so all of that nasty bacteria is dead, then eat it.

You need to take it to a park or farther away. I have only had a few mice but I helped my fiancees mother and we kept releasing it out back and it would climb back in wherever it was getting in from (a crack in an attic vent) You could tell it was the same because it had 1/5th of a tail.

Veg/olive oil works good. Too much and it can drown in it. Too cold and you need to be quick about it.

If it's dead, put it on the soil to feed new life. If it lives, feed it and let it go in a neighbour's house.

dont waste bird/cat food...