Hey /b

Hey /b
My parents were away this weekend so I went home for a few days to spend time with my sister.
On Friday night we had sex and were at it like rabbits all weekend.
The problem is I'm 25 and she is 17. Will she grow up to feel guilty and resent and blame me in later years?

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If that's all it took to have sex with your pretty-much-fully-grown sister then the sexual tension was there for years already. She will blame you but it will be misplaced blame... unless you had to hold her down and force the issue.

I know this is a LARP but if you are going to post this bullshit at least green text

the only good thing about you sharing this with us is that people won't ask for her pics

>be me
>be 25
>be home while parents are away
>17 y.o. sis to keep company
>sexual tension between us for the past year
>kiss a couple of weeks ago that we haven't discussed
>She was drunk and initiated said kiss
>be watching movie and getting drunk together
>she suggests playing drinking games
>move on to never have I ever
>pretty much all sex questions
>I make my move and she doesn't resist
>make out for a while
>she suggests going upstairs
>go to her bedroom and get naked
>she begins to suck me off sat on the edge of her bed
>I end up going down on her
>she cums
>I ask if she wants to fuck
>she says to put a condom on
>I say I have none
>she's got some in her panty draw
>fuck her and cum
>fall asleep spooning
>Wake up next morning to her initiating sex again

As long as you keep fucking her it should be fine.
Wait for her to end it.
She should get bored not traumatized.

Also post pics of her

How in the world could screwing your 8 year younger sister POSSIBLY fuck her up for life.


17 is old enough to know what she wants

also pics

Really don't want to share pics only because I don't want to get doxxed/found out/recognised

well you're on Sup Forums so if you don't want this thread to die, deliver lol

Just post from face down then, preferably two of you together

just cut her face, nobody will know her just by the body

nah g this website is pretty secure
post pics


hahahaha gtfo
dumb cunt

“hold her down and force the issue”
You mean rape her?

Better quit while you're ahead, you dumb bastard. Sup Forums can find someone from almost any pic. I've seen it a dozen times. Do you want screenshots of this whole thread posted on your parent's facebook pages? Because posting pics is how you get screenshots of this whole thread posted on your parent's facebook pages.

oOOooO Sup Forums caN FInd SomEOnE

For what it's worth, great story OP. I've always wanted a sister since I was about 3, not for sex or anything but that would have been nice.

> File Deleted

jfc user

Nice, user. If only my sister weren't so revolting. My sister was good looking, but she let herself go, and she's not very hygienic

Anywho, I'm with the other anons and believe you should keep fucking till she's bored

what was the picture?

OP's sis


This was the pic. Sorry op but once I'm the internet it's there forever

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I need this shit for the Sup Forums API

Yep. You are a degenerate pedo scumbag. You just attained adulthood, 25 should be minimal age if consent as physical maturity occurs at 25, and you fucked a literal child who is blood related to you. Not only are you a pedo you raped your own child sister. Kill yourself.

Should be easy to find



She has like 8 years to be fully grown you sick fuck. Anyone under age 25 is a literal child.

marry and instead of having kid adopt?

Thread is too old to delete too.. damn OP. DAMN.

>Literal confession to child rape

No it isn't. Adulthood doesn't occur until age 25 and anything under that is pedophilia. Kill yourself.

>ye Don't know yer kids
I had this done onto me….
My 14yo cousing got herself delorated or she'd call the cops and bam goes the virginhoord

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Stop glorifying child rape you sick bastard.

Lucky guy

Should be able to find something front this

Hottie, no wonder you fucked her

but now you're the one who's fucked


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Will she grow up to feel guilty? Only if you stop fucking her before she's ready to have you stop. 17 may not be "grown up" legally, but she is. And in less than 1 year she will be grown up. Assuming that the age of consent is 16 where you are, you didn't "rape" her or anything. She wants it, give it to her.

Today, ooonn Sup Forums! Can Sup Forums fond pic related?

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>mfw op's gonna get fucked

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I don't have good patience to devote to searching for a partial image. Completely going to be that guy and wait for everybody else to find it

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I'd join that,

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waiting for op's life to get fucked like his sister

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>cross reference the shirt with large retail stores or small retail stores
> do the same with the jewelry she's wearing
> dead end?
> ?????
> profit?

I gave up after one reverse search haha

didnt we all, nobody has the time to actually dox some incest guy with an image that doesnt come up in a reverse image search.

>17 year old has condoms in the pantie drawer

she had obviously wanted to fuck her brother for some time, bitch was prepared.

A sad truth

OP if we roll trips can we get a face picture


Do it OP

lol ok, OP

Fake Fake Fake

God you guys are retarded

not everyone remains a virgin till they are 25 like you

27 and counting

Given that people are trying to dox no

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You fags are posting in a troll thread. I've seen this thread posted a dozen of times already. Everyone here is a fucking idiot except me.

In most states 16 is the age of consent.

No 17 year old is mature enough for sex. The body doesn't fully matured until 25.

Laws need to be updated to reflect biological knowledge. Anyone under 25 is a literal child.

Ok what about quads

>The problem is I'm 25 and she is 17. Will she grow up to feel guilty and resent and blame me in later years
Listen buddy, the problem is, it's your fucking sister, maybe I'm missing something but last time I checked you aren't supposed to fuck your sister.

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who said so?

Then you'd have to be 25 to ruin your life with a student loan, credit card, car you can't really afford, etc. You'd have to be 25 to join the military.


stop larping, nigger

Physical and sexual maturity takes place at 25. Anyone below that is still a child. We also nee to make that the minimum age for a driver's license and military service as well as drinking alcohol gambling and smoking tobacco. Voting can stay at 18

Me, it's morally wrong.

Maybe you were. A lot of people dont have the luxury of being a child until the age of 25. I was responsible for my own wellbeing, survival, and decisions from the age of 16.

>Voting can stay at 18

Leftist spotted. What happened to lowering the voting age to 16? Still pushing for that?

Please kys

Incest is good. Its to keep bloodlines pure. Thats why the elite do it too.

how is it morally wrong?

Which is why I won't fuck my mom until I'm 24 or so!

Good point, fuck away.

yeah, didnt think you'd want to debate that, theres no argument anyone can make that would justify incest being a bad thing.

You will forever know yourself to be the sister fucker. It is a title that you will never forget.

Well thats oviously fake, but to give my honest opinion... It's disgusting that you and your sister did that. But not because she's only 17. With 17 she should be old enough to understand that fucking your brother is only okay when you live on a farm in alabama and getting fucked by the german shepherd is becoming dull.

I know apperantly in many us states this age separation is considered illegal, but not in the country I live in. And as a 29 y/o man with a 19 y/o wife/sub i can definetly understand this part.

So the reason it's disgusting is that she's your sister and you are her older brother and supposed to protect her. Because of this power difference it's wrong in the same way than fucking a student as a prof is. It sounds like you were taking advantage of someone you are supposed to protect.

omg fucking samefagging

So what? I did have always condoms ready since I was 15, didn't use them until I was 17 but still had them just in case.

That was my first post in this thread...

Biologically you were still a child.

Incest is Best
Put your Sister to the Test

You say leftist like it's an insult.... Better a leftist than a right wing white nationalist incel piece of subhuman garbage.

Because I am against rape, incest, and pedos? Mkay. Yeah great poster child for the right wing you are. This is why we need to legislate against the alt-right and incels.

I used to be a leftist libertarian. Now I'm full-blown Nazi because I realize that approach only works in a perfect homogeneous world. Sieg Heil and die in a ditch faggot. Leave Japan alone.

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