When I say Apologize, you say "Yes master."

When I say Apologize, you say "Yes master."


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why tho



stupid nigger


whats that?


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i love me some man boobs

Know your place, stupid nigger.

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Back to the jungle with you you lazy monkey

Robert, get up!

muslim caliphates took over 2 million slaves from africa but there are no significant african minorities in traditionally muslim countries because they murdered them all rather than free them

there are african muslims of course, but they are from north africa who's natural culture was displaced by Islam before any white man ever set foot there, also african Islam often contains what amounts to black magic, animism and voodoun-like beliefs unsubstantiated within Islam that would be considered heretical by Persian muslims

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For what? I will not pay for the sins of my great great grandfathers.
I treat the african american people the same way i treat the whites, asians, hispanics, etc. I treat everyone like a piece of shit because humans are jealous adult babies. Be nice to one person once, suddenly everyone in the fucking world expects the same treatment for themselves. Keep on crying over what is already done and no longer happens, and that you have never and will never experience

Dunno whats more sad. The white dude who posted this or the larpers who respond to it.



All us white boys should be on our knees to black masters.

no nigger

Yes master.

yes master lol

u better obey cracka ass whye bois

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Yes master.

>no thank you scary black man

none fuck off then i blackmail yo ass ossi HIVEMIND YAKUZAKU DWN FREINDS KOOKJIE

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you wont solve anything here snowflake. go outside and try again stupid ass nigger.


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By the third apologize you'd be hanging off a tree

Lol no

apologize you white bitch

Day after day after day you fail at this, faggot.


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Yes master


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why? i didnt do anything mean to anybody all day!

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This guy knows what's up, checked

Nigger women are so ugly, niggers don't even fuck them anymore. Yeah uhuh Tyrone, keep telling everyone the skateboard and the motorcycle have nothing to do with white envy.

but you havent been blacked yet

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sorry what did you say?


but fundamentally sadder is the fact that you think there is a live action element to this roleplay
perhaps you think its e-sports?
perhaps you are such a sad human that the concept of live action is so foreign to you that you dont even understand going outside

We wuz kangz

Bite the curb son

but why would you want to black a dude? you gay or something?

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..what? Nigga, fuck you.

Those muscles ain't knife proof.

can we get Sup Forums in here???

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To assert the dominance of black men over your tight, delicious, white pink hole.

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suck my hot dog

Yes master

Fuck you nig nog

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trips of truth are checked