L-Arginine doesn't do anything for your sexual health. I used it for over a month and haven't seen any change in my libido or performance or anything. This product is shit and all of its claims are bullshit. Do not buy it and waste your money. It's all shit.

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>my fat chicken tendies good boy ass can't get erect anymore because of my deteriorating health due to my extreme obesity, so I bought a jar of horny goat weed at GNC and after telling the poor QT girl working behind the counter who rung me up all about how red pilled I am on the world, I rushed home wanting to furiously masturbate to the thought of her, but nothing happened even after taking five of the pills

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What the fuck did you expect?! It is like any other sudo science medicin.

- If it fucking worked every man in the god damn World would use it..

- please don't have chrildren, the world has Enough stupid people...

Huh... who would of thought that a placebo wouldn’t work.

>please don't have chrildren, the world has Enough stupid people...
Well he's impotent, so we're safe.

Sucks for you.

True of pretty much every supplement going!

l-arginine doesn't make you hornier, i think it just increases your load size a bit when combined with water. libido you need to get some exercise


OP here.
I'm 42 and got a new girl who's 23. Just wanted to make it exciting for her. But it's all bullshit. Not only that I also ordered a few more of these supplements which include folic acid and others. Guess I just wasted my money and should have ordered good ol' Viagra.

I'm almost 41 and my libido is as high as it's ever been. Wtf are you doing wrong?

42 fucking a 23 year old, isn't that enough to make you diamonds?

l-arginine is not a viagra replacement, if you need wood just go to a doctor and get viagra.

I'm not what I used to be. Old age. Had too much fun in twenties. Now it's catching up.

Yeah. And that's why I want to keep her. I'm not getting another 23 year old in my life. I have never used Viagra other than recreationally. I don't want to rely on it. I thought natural supplements are better... But no shit. Nothing works.

Arginine does nothing for libido. It’s a mild vasodilator.

>Guess I just wasted my money and should have ordered good ol' Viagra.
The myth lives on, eh? If you are healthy Viagra won't do aything for you.
It was originally designed to remove plaque from major blood vessels. It didn't. During trials in the UK it was found that it unclogged the blood vessels feeding the penis in old men.
If you have no plaque in your blood vessels it can't help you.

post some pics of her

Might want to check with a doctor first, but if you're in the USA there's something called DHEA that's sold over the counter/on amazon.


you can't get it up at all or you just want to be able to go longer? what's the problem?

That's a strange thing to hear. Is that same with Cialis? Then what should I take to have massive erections to satisfy a 23 year old?

I know about DHEA. I didn't order it because it was outta stock and ordered L-Arginine instead.
Has DHEA worked for you?

It gets up. But doesn't stay up longer. I'll go flaccid after some time. And then I cum too fast... I miss the golden years of my twenties.

This. Also it tastes horrible and you need to take a lot.
It's a vasodilator, just removes impediment to erections. If you're self conscious or something just get it through a research chem site. And yeah dude, honestly just start injecting test.

Eat her out first dumbass

Yeah, I'll start testosterone soon. I have the prescription already. I'm prescribed 100mg injection every week for 4 weeks. Then a 3 month gap.

Maybe you're just a flaggot?


Come one, ppl, I'm 42. I know all tricks of the trade. Just my dick is not what it used to be and I'm just wondering if I can get it back.

you're supposed to insert them in your pee hole until your dick is full of pills you faggot

Get more exercise and lift heavy weights; Cialis is better than viagra.


Try bluechew
Google it

I use l arganine for sex. Increases blood flow. How much do you take? For me I have to take 5+ grams or it doesn’t work. My erections aren’t bigger just fatter.

Amazing workout supplement btw

Hey OP, do you and your girl use toys?

use black Maca. its natural supplement.