I miss old Sup Forums. Miss it a lot. What the fuck even happened to this place...

I miss old Sup Forums. Miss it a lot. What the fuck even happened to this place? I feel like every thread is a bot posted and bot replied nothing thread. I know most folks just amalgamated to reddit, but its not the same. Post here in a non-bot fashion if you sympathize

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It is the other way around, people did not go to Reddit the same propaganda techniques used on Reddit are popping up here. This is being professionally controlled. They shut down 8 chan and moved in here full force to bury the no no talk.

If I had to guess why it would be the emergence of Soph on Youtube. She showed that Gen x is not as brainwashed as they had thought and this was one of the websites she claimed was the reason.

there are a lot more retards here, sometimes it's funny.

i have no idea who soph is but im aboot to find outretards is all we ever had bruh

I miss the old "what's in my foreskin" threads

Agreed, I hope this helps a bit.

Godspeed, user.

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>I miss it too
I miss it too

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Sup Forums was the place of Le Epic Pranks™

now it's the place of Le Edgy Faggots and Jewishills.

i fell in love btw

idk Sup Forums just felt alive before, now it feels like dead

Already banned on youtube, have to go to bitchute.

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Bro I get it.. Bunch of fucking sissy cuck faggot nigger dick loving kikes fucking off posting all of the above and drowning out anything I miss about this site.. It's a sad day indeed. I've been doing what I can, but there's a lot of faggots to combat.

I miss it too... Actual faggot OP’s and not larping ones. Gmask threads that were great fun, although not knowing what’s on the other side was nerve wracking, convincing newbies to delete system32 on their dad’s work computer, memes that had thought put into it rather than some copy paste frog or whatever... memories...

Sup Forums was never good, but it sure was hell wasn't dead like now

i dont think its ever been this bad though

Is this a joke? People went to 5+3chan specifically because they came down on here.

>What the fuck even happened to this place?
the sad truth is this; the pedos left.

those child fucking degenerates kept the underage cancer at bay. now Sup Forums is overrun with teens that ruining everything because all teens are lame nerds that contributes nothing lulzy.

it seriously is fukt now. Like dead as fuck. And it make my pp sad

If female bodies were the same shape as male bodies, 90% of the current Sup Forums threads would not exist.

It was real. It didn't have the same propaganda as all the other Jew media outlets. Now you have threads about that retarded climate bitch every fucking day. And Trump hate threads. It is part of the same relentless propaganda that plagues everything the Jews touch.

dude im just a guy who came here throughout all of highschool and many years after and now it fag as fuck. Dont give a flying fuck about 8 chan and never have

thanks user

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post crèpes pasta

It's not dead, it's just flooded with porn. There was always porn on Sup Forums, but for the last 3 to 4 years it's been idiotic. /soc/ had been an attempt to cut down on it and apparently it didn't work and it even got worse.

Haha, right. I remember when /new/ was shut down. 90% of the threads on Sup Forums were about DA JOOS until Sup Forums was opened.

that was the joy of it tho, literally you go on ANY board on Sup Forums, literally even the origami and papercraft board, and there's anti jewish shit. It was beautiful

fucking mods, stop jerking to cuck/tranny porn and fix Sup Forums

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I still to this day wonder if traps are actually gay or not

It can’t be fixed anymore now that they have ads. They MUST adhere to some sort of policy that never existed when this was just an imageboard.

ngl I miss those days

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>liking dick
>not anything but a faggot
>in the year of our lord 2019
>i seriously hope you don’t do this

mods jerk off to trannys? they gay so they win. Mods jerk off to ads? they make money they win. Problem


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This fella gets it

a dude in drag is like super gay
you just get aroused by the taboo like every other coomer

Honestly, the change came over in 2014 with the 5 guys incident. moot got a blowjob and decided to give favors and censor discussion, which led to the 5+3chan exodus. Then he gave control over to gookmoot who's a proven shill and look what we have now.

There is no 3 or 5 chan. Or if there is then it is being blocked for me.

They have clamped down on free speech websites. Can't have people breaking the programming.

exactly, until i find out the facts behind the vagina you just keep going

u retarded nigga he was doing some quick maths

keep going at what?

>gen x
>not brainwashed

literally whatevers down there, hopefully a pussy

If crèpes is about weird memes about wrestlers then i'm about why not

It has been established that 8 chan has been nuked, so where the fuck is everyone at?

most trannies don't look like traps, they look like full blown ambushes

they went back to plebbit

I miss them too

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literally i think there was like probs 5 incredibly fukt up people that kept Sup Forums going and a shitload of people that propagated it, and i dont fucking know maybe they died or something but the majority of folks i've found have went to reddit, but thats too sad and gay to believe so here i r

Some of them have slipped through the cracks. Jews be kwetching.

Reddit is locked down. I'm sure they might go on there, but they sure as hell are not allowed to expose the flaws in the propaganda.

reddit has dumb assholes, but the dumb assholery is just subtle and you have to read between the lines


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Just do your part. Help post old school threads, have discussion, filter out all the porn threads, and sage the dumb bait and shillery. If we all really care, we can fix this, or bring it closer to what it was. M00tykins can live on in us all.

Most op became active shooters and are now dead