Best way to kill myself but no one would notice?

Best way to kill myself but no one would notice?

Would be preferred if i'd just look like i'm asleep.

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Propane poisoning

Gonna bump with wallpapers.

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Is that a whole room kinda thing? What i want is my roomate to not notice.

go to synagogue
shout 'ALLAH AKBAR!!'
get stabbed and shot multiple times before you even complete the 'ALLAH' part
mission accomplished -- without even having to get guns or shit

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Too mainstream.

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Find a helium baloon
Inhale and hold Breath.
Pass out

Upside #2
Funny Voice og you regret half way..

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Tried already, only fainted. Woke up 3hrs later.

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screw him, screw everybody! go out like a champ

Nah man. Just plain old suicide would do. I don't need to murder anyone just to die.

>be you
>download one of these fine wallpapers from thread
>make the pic my new background
>look at the amazing artwork

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wrap your neck with tape. just keep wrapping around until u can't breath. if u repent, u won't have time to save yourself.

The wallpapers are from me. Enjoy em, i wont need it anymore.

Anything else besides asphyxiation? I could just tie a noose and save me a few $

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A suicide pill

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Any suggestions?

>Putting cyanide on empty pill
>Cyanide in area non-existent

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oh for fuck sake, who wants to die? u or me?

Well, chugging like 250pcs of Ibuprofen would do. But higher risk of being found & stomach pumped.

Any pill suggestions that could bring fourth any sort of death in a minimal dosage

Arh... 30 years in this world and I have no more information that can help you in this matter.

I will look at them and wish you good day sir..

Ps. When i feel down i look at this..

Yes I am 30 and like Sana...
your life isn´t as bad as mine user..

none. all would make you puke like a bitch.

Yeah, we all have lives and are measured differently. Sadly, i'm not into K-Pop in any way shape or form. Tried being happy but in vain.

I'm glad you like the papes.

Well suicide shouldn't include pain or suffering yeah? If i wanted such a death i'd sign up for the Army.

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I Joined the Kpop think when I was like 20, but now i just follow the non Americanized Indie/pop music from Korea.. The kpop you know are made for 12 + year olds.

Still have a weakness for the cute girls tho.. Girls from the west, want to be men so fucking bad, they have lost all of my interest.

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Yeah same. But for me it was J-Idols back then. But now i just follow J-rock & Japanese alternative genre bands.

Cute girls are really a bonus nowadays.

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Uhh one of my favorite song is from Japan.
Must be world famous for it to reach my ears..

I am old, and like big songs now...

Yeah that song was once Akihabara's national anthem of sorts. Just like Gangnam style was once the world's national anthem.

Right now its

for me.

link wreck

First nice Trips..
2nd The song is not available in Denmark..

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Lol. Didn't expect getting trips.

Fixed the link

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So fucking 2010!
Like Cajon and small studio..

But nice melody!..
Japan is not known for great singers.. (That I know of)

Favorite Korean right now is:

Bit of reggae, and just weird and awesome..

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Lol. This reminds me of that Korean rapper that wants to collab with Joji. Beat is nice, could smoke a blunt with it too.

I see a trend here..

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Coincidences, man. Mere trickery of the mind lol.

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The band is Kiha and the faces..
And I would recommend..

But my favorite rapper of all time is Kang gary...

He makes simple songs. I really hate that anyone has to prove anything to the listener..

I know this guy, one of his songs comes by my spotify randomly and it's a good song. I think is Umbrella something, Broken Umbrella i think?

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Final wallpaper below image size limit.

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Gotta go.. Good luck user..

Here is my I feel Down songs.. Listen to them, or don´t..

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Thanks for the wallpapers.. !

could you please send me all you money before suicide ? :)

jump off a fucking bridge. don't fuck his life cuz yours is shitty.

don't be a faggot user, go out in the most spectacular and inconvenient fashion possible. treat yo self

LoL what fucking money?!
Told you, I´m a big fat depressed looser..

I haven´t worked in a year, so my savings are gone...
Tomorrow will fucking come with or without you, why not with?

Suicide is a pussy way to go.. it is a weak way to call for help... Who wants to help anyone who wants attention...

Right now you are no better than the rest of the Instargram Peeps who wants others to look at them. Like i said, Tomorrow you will be forgotten because the world don´t give a fuck about others.. So why kill yourself? .. Just live a poor life and do what you feel like.. Maybe one day you chance your mind, and finds that the world don´t give a shit about that either...

Do what you want user...
but my advice, take all the time you need. You can only be forgotten by the world once..

Just fuck a bitch with HIV or aids