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Hello folks.

Why doesn't want the Emperor leave his stupid throne? Is he scared of going outside?

Why does he pretend to be a god?

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Back to newfag

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is jojo good in a non meme way?

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W-what controversial images on Sup Forums? Wow Sup Forums must be raiding us, dont you have a containment board to shit in. God I wish the mods would just ban all of you

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>I'm a totally legit poster it's a total coincidence that I posted unrelated "LOL NIGGERS AND JEWS SUCK" pictures in a YLYL thread

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Poor Russian hasn't learned about what Reagan did in California.

Some people find those images funny you dumb fuck why don't you stay in r/Sup Forums

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How does he snort cocaine?

Yeah, like some sand niggers who think the funniest thing ever is a dog getting tortured. But it's not. Here's an example of actually funny Sup Forums content. "lol here's a nigger being hurt" or "lol da joos" is not funny.

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Simply stated, yet so strongly stated.

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post some better shit or go back to Sup Forums

bump against p*rn


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Feel free to further forment funnies.

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>Sup Forumstard
>part of society


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Hey I recognize that dog

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nice tryy zog agent


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source on this?

>based Ralph

Why would someone come to Sup Forums for political shit?
Most of us are probably political activists on that board at some point, and so we're tired and taking a break on here...

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Yeh. Its a lot of fun. It gets pretty goofy and/or over the top which is why its so memeable, but I still love it.

We need more cops like this. The uniform doesn't stop them from being "just another person". Too many cops think they're above the rest of us.

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He smokes crack instead

Just Google the quote.

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PRO-TIP: If it's bright red, it's probably a hemorrhoid or anal fissure and isn't that big of a deal. It's when you see black in your stool that you need to worry...

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"I dont think it's funny so no one is allowed to think its funny" Go back to tumblr

>political activists
>Sup Forums
Fucking cringe dude. Sup Forums isn't important. It's just a bunch of trolls and kkk cucks who don't realize they're being trolled.

>goes to Sup Forums to take a break from the shitposting
You get what you get retard, there are much better boards out there

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There is no clear defined maximum capacity for land in real life

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Yeah, no. You also know it's not funny.

>crimestop is a form of protective stupidity meant to prevent one from understand the other side's argument

Not funny tho...


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the KKK is a CIA honeypot, has been since the sixties, and the very air you breathe is saturated with microscopic Jewish organisms.
Turn over a rock, find a colony of Jews, cohencidence?

Legit funny

if you like shonen anime yes

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> trying to post on another board
> "error: ban evasion. violated global rule blah blah" wasnt ever banned, Sup Forums.org/banned says im not banned from any boards
> can still post on other boards
what the fuck

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I understand the argument

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You clearly stated you don't by claiming that it was about land mass.

the fuck is this eldritch shit? go back to /x/