Should it be illegal for black men to breed with white women? And for those who answer yes, why are you so insecure?

Should it be illegal for black men to breed with white women? And for those who answer yes, why are you so insecure?

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why do people like you keep making these shitty threads?

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yeah. race mixing is disgusting.

i'm out for linen cloths send em here

Hurr durr raycisim bad and sheeit
Gay b8 for gay m8ts

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No it's not. It's hot.

To disprove racism with insanely hot interracial porn.

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>It's hot.

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>sloppy job mossad
Reminder that every single thread like this is made in Israel by a jew.

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Also, aren't you being the racist one by showing blacks as ONLY big ass pack animals? Some want to be submissive.

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>Should it be illegal for black men to breed with white women?
Not at all. The fack that most white women can't stand black men will act as a natural control.

Is that you Tenda? How's the relationship going with the blond psycho bitch?

>Reminder that every single thread like this is made in Israel by a jew.
Nope. It's a self-confessed self-hating Hapa called Tenda Spencer, aka EurasianTiger.

I hope they destroy white race.

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uh ug uh iik

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stop bumpin' this slide thread, R*ddit-tier bullshit for brainlets.

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>tfw you're a hapa but you don't do this shit

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BBC is the best

Didn't say it was all of you. Just one self-hating, white-despising hapa faggot who gets you all a bad name

fuck thats hot

You're wrong faggot. It's not a hapa. It's a subhuman white boy like you.

Damn, black people really are king huh

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Looks like they run this shit.

I'm thinking about it right now sir.

Cumbrains need to be executed

It should, why should bestiality not be illegal?

You aren't even part glorious nippon master race, kys chink mutt

yes. because if you like multiculturalism you should do racial segregation. Otherwise there will be no more cultures to have multiculturalism.

The only insecurity is that of OP and his ilk, who has to, just like fags, push their perverse wants and lusts in the faces of everyone demanding validation.
It's a pathetic selfdestructive cycle lol
Also very intwresti
Ng how many parallels there are between this particular thing and faggotry.

*very interesting how

it should not be illegal but should have an advisory.

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I mean, it's illegal to have sex with horses, pigs, sheep, dogs, and every other animal out there. Why is having sex with gorillas still allowed?

I'm black.


Ook ook monica?

Humans are much less genetically diverse than dogs, we are all essentially all the same breed.

Sorry, I speak English.
and some basic French.

>Should it be illegal for monkey-people to breed with human women?
>And for those who answer yes, let me present a strawman distraction
Humans and orcs should never breed. The fact that goblins relentlessly push this idea upon the masses via media, education, and entertainment while abstaining from the practice themselves should tell you something. But "noticing coincidences" makes one an antigoblinite and not wanting humans to fuck orcs makes one a racist, and apparently, at least according to the goblin OP, it makes one "insecure".

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Yes, because bestiality is disgusting.

Fun fact: Mindgeek is owned by Disney

Sure thing, Shlomo

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>To prove racism with disgusting bestiality porn.
ftfy, user

Absolutely fucking this.

>It's a subhuman white boy like you
Hi Tenda. Was it your mother or your father who was the drunk? I can't remember and can't be fucked to look you up on plebbit

That meme with a bunch of white people skulls/skeletons in a row that says "White person, black person, asian person, etc" is mentally retarded antiscience nonsense. Did you know that there are diseases and ailments which are exclusive or nearly-exclusive to certain races? Did you know that you can, in fact, tell the race of a person by looking at their skull and skeletal structure? This is absolutely basic biology. Knowledge which you are entirely ignorant of. Nobody who has ever studied people in any capacity (science, medicine, anthropology, archaeology, etc) could possibly reach the conclusion that "we are all essentially all the same breed"

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No so my kids can bully their disgusting kids

The Jews would never let that happen. They need more of the negro to be their tool.

It should be illegal for white women to breed with white men. White extinction now!

This. All white men need to be locked up in chastity belts while they watch their wives get blacked.

I see on Sup Forums and even /soc/ chastity threads get closed down quickly but it is the way forward for all us white men.

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Sure do wat u wanna do I can’t give a damn now anyway
I see this and like keep it to yourself
Just hear bitching over how much u not a rasist fuck off and try show how good u care


user, you type like a old white guy or a black person trying to imitate a white guy, which is it?

Learn English you dumb illiterate fuck. I hope a gang of black guys holds you down and fucks your butthole all day long.

Please keep posting superior BBC fucking our women

Haha did not know it was this easy to piss off people here


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Did not know it was this easy to piss off people here

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More like their black alpha chad kids will bully your weak beta white kids.

>user still believes in the “big black man” myth

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lmao its more like the opposite whiteboi

Why are the far left & alt-right so obsessed with who people fuck? As long as both participants are legal age & consent, it's none of you business. Same deal with gay people making who they orgasm with their entire identity. No one cares who you fuck. Move on & live your life. Yeesh.

>See my imageboard. (daily updated).

Annnnnd /thread

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Oh fuck yes keep posting BBC I want to make my little whiteboi clit squirt for it again

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Continuous, forced inbreeding over generations causes issues, sure. I guess that's a parallel to poorer populations that often have less capable parents, poorer nutrition, lower quality schooling, and less support and incentive to achieve being less 'clever,' or whatever the comic writer is trying to make a joke about.

Omfg yes that's perfect thank you

That's my dream life my worthless little cock would be leaking in its cage so much just watching

Oh fuck yes thinking about this gets my little white cock so hard

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what the fuck

excellent troll

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Mmm I love these they're always so true it makes me feel like what I'm doing is right like it's how it's supposed to be squirting my worthless little watery load into the bin multiple times a day

I get so turned on thinking about it not just been me it's happening to but so many other whitebois as well, all addicted to watching BBC fucking our women.
Modern white "males" are nearly as hot as big black cock

In the 80s Chinese people had worse nutrition than the average African but still their IQ was like 20 points higher

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Illegal? No. I believe in freedom of choice. Is it irresponsible? Yes. Because black men are 3 times more likely than white men to shirk their responsibilities to that woman and his child, and leave them to fend for themselves.

Exactly. I've dumped several women because I found out that they have fucked black men. Not because of race. But, because of the reckless behavior on the woman's part. Black men carry sexuality transmitted diseases at a higher rate and are more likely to abandon their children. If she wants to take those risks, that's her prerogative. I'll have no part in it.

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I want them all to cum on my little white cock I want their superior thick hot loads of cum blown all over my little whiteboi dick I want to jerk off using it


This is something I've fantasised about lately, having my 3" baptised by black cum so I can be a proper servant of black men


Do you have Kik? 3" sounds adorable

Yeah it should be bestiality is a crime

Kiks dead dumb fuck