What the fuck happened to /b?

What the fuck happened to /b?

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Too many porn posts?

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Fuck off pornfag

The cumbrains have taken over
ADL is happy

Calling me a fag after posting this? Seems legit! LOL

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I wish you would have left me alone 2 years ago I don't want real friends and you won't let me have imaginary ones and being awake is starting to hurt

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Coomers and nonces pushed all the folk who were here for a good time away

endless fap/trap/rekt threads, yawn

...pain in the ass intensified...

Bad things happened. Porn happened.

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Too much prön

Jesus fucking christ, i feel like in kindergarten

Relax kid it was a joke not a dick! No need to take it so hard!

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Jews shilling porn.

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It continued to get worse and any time anyone ever pointed out that it was changing they were shouted down by normies and retards.

i have participated in various Yellow threads and Yellow Wave raids. I think that pretty much sump up my general opinion on the state of matters in this thread.

I see some recovery, but there's a lot of work left to do. P0rn threads are not in their proper boards. But some wholesome AMA or post-your-X threads are changing back the thread for good.

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>browsed Sup Forums all the time for years
>it kept getting worse
>decided fuck it and went elsewhere on Sup Forums
>found some other boards that are even more cancer than here

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Whats wrong with porn?

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To cut a long answer that's going to be ignored anyway short, it rots your brain.


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Nothing newfag. It was always shit, always had porn. Don't like it? Fuck off

no, fuck you. You stupind ass p*rn faggot.


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Sup Forums was never good

You came here

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>no, fuck you. You stupind ass p*rn faggot.

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Sup Forums grew up.

Oldfags left, bless them.
Redditfags came; and now all the “oldfag” shit like raids are just redditfags trying to catch the wave.

>Calling me a fag after posting this? Seems legit! LOL
oh god, help us
not commenting on you being a pornfag, but this post in general

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New here, what else does this place have to offer?

Do you happen to use Reddit?

>always had porn
Yep, but in a ancient past you had some nice things happening once in a while. But now Sup Forums is nothing more than another ordinary gay porn board. Thanks to the lack of action by the MODs to stop the blatant faggotry that was happening in here by design, today's Sup Forums don't have a fraction of the traffic that it used to have, the worthy anons left this place long time ago, and this once "glorious" board is now a carcass being eaten by the usual cumbrains.

The atmosphere has gradually become more friendly, thus The summerfags dont leave once The school starts.

Sup Forums is but another victim of the wave of mediocrity that has been growing for a number of years now. Look at all the shit talent in the music and entertainment industry. Very few strive for excellence anymore because it's no longer necessary, the hordes will buy whatever garbage is put in front of them. It's only going to get worse - true creativity is on the ropes and slowly collapsing.

I fell asleep, did you guys avenge Pigger?

There are five Greta threads right now as I write this. Why?

Bella has taken over. Guess what the /b stands for

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B was filled to The brim with hentai back in 05.

Sup Forums will turn 16 tomorrow and as the oldest board, Sup Forums will too. And it has to be said, Sup Forums was shitty from the start. Sure, over such a long time, moments of greatness occured and if you were lucky enough to see such am moment happening before your very eyes, it was magic. But this happened rarely, so every other day it was just retarded thread after retarded thread.

As a shady lurker this is an underated post the last thread of any interest was the shop attendant security cam live feed being played different pitch frequencys
During his shifts and i feel like maybe that was a couple years ago now