Do you guys think global conflict is imminent

Do you guys think global conflict is imminent

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why not?

give me a reason for a global conflict


Have you heard about the oil attack in the middle east? Sand niggers considering it an act of war.

global? for oil? in 2019?

Also all of the shit happening in China. I saw an article that said America send over a ship.

China is getting ready to fight Hong Kong

that's not a GLOBAL conflict

but it can lead to one

China America Europe Russia is global

Give it like 100 more years them maybe.

why so long?

No. Who will fight? the US? China? Russia? Why? They have nothing to fight about.

Iran? In a real war, where the US will fight to death, Iran will be gone from the face of the earth in 2 days. They have no chance against the US, and the US will never be in a real war against them, because the US have nothing to gain from this war.

All we have left with, are little wars or proxy wars in the third world.

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yes. Biden will be destroyed anyway.

Only if you consider 3rd Feb 2023 as imminent.

I think we might be heading for a second American Civil War... but that's not what you asked.

why this date?


Well, you know.


No one (important) is gonna “fight” each other, it’s always gonna be little bs here n there.. there’s not be a WW3 or anything like that


Fat ass Americans playing soldier. It would be more funny than destructive. Go to any Walmart, doesn't matter what time, look at the people then imagine them running around with guns, falling over themselves as they waddle around trying to look menacing. It would be a hoot.