Are you aroused by women getting fatter?

Are you aroused by women getting fatter?

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You have obtained Enlightenment.

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he meant: Fuck No!!

You must feed before you breed.

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Explain this thread

I wish I was then I would still want to have sex with my wife.


You and about a million other guys

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She's too fat now

Moral of the story? Have female weight gain fetish before marriage. Then your penis will only get harder.

That being said, you can still develop said fetish and spice up your love life.

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Her lover must have moved the the bedroom.

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not fat enough

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>nice thread Op

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More of skinny/fat Mal

Sexy pig. Fed and bred. Breeding Cow.

yes! Inflate her with water!!

why should I ?

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Hardly any of these girls are broken and fat enough yet

I'm aroused by women.

Only in America would a fetish like this become a thing.

Middle is perfect. Right is a little too much.

Ex who got fat

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Yes, i love it
I wanna find a skinny but womanly framed girl and feed her until she is the perfect sex pig


Only if my baby is growing inside.

But she's got a stunning face and some god-given genetics that allows her to slab up and still, somehow, look hot.

That's not 99.9999% of people's experience.

>Explain this thread
It's not hard.
Some people like fat people.

That's a freshman 15 that turned into a 50.

Pretty common

post your ideal


>Ex who got fat
naah, bruv. She was fat when you were fucking her, don't be makin out like she was a size 0 until she dumped your ass.

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Love that big belly