All the ladies want 2

all the ladies want 2

also s/fur

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what's with the dude/dick on the first post?

ummmf, moar

you might have not noticed, considering OP is a faggot, but

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dem legs

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cute boys like OP's are straight and more importantly patrician af

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I wish women were straight for cute boys like me and the OP, but we both know that's not true

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Any guy can get a girl.

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It's a lot harder if you aren't tall and manly

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you can't change your height but man tf up. get a proper ironed out shirt, roll up the sleeves, suit on your shoulder. come on....

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You mean be a boring normalfag? Yeah no.

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i dont wanna put that many points into charisma.

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yes you just have to know your strengths and weaknesses my man as for this they are kind of right. Depends on the way you go about it. I would say this is true when you use the app seen, aka Tinder ect. But I'm on short side 5'6 but I make a lot of women laugh a lot so Ive done a lot better then my tall friends have just by being funny. also this . But I will say this and this includes me, most people that use those apps don't have all of their shit together and are mostly doing it because they can't meet a lot of people normally or just do it for the ego boost

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Hai Everyone :3

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It's as easy or as hard as you make it.


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I'm 5'3" and look like an ugly elf with fucked up teeth, I dress like I'm stuck in 1992, and people either refuse to look at me, or stare. Nobody ever wants to talk to me, and I don't blame anyone.

Hi Basil

Well it would be a lot easier if there were actually women around here with personalities. That's really what it comes down to, everyone is so god damn boring and vapid. The only ones who give me any looks are older women who just want to get fucked by a cute young guy, and all I want is someone to look past the surface, and actually give me a chance. But that's too much to ask for in this day and age.

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I remember soup.

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Go watch people sometime. Anywhere at all.
You will see all manner of couples. Hot guys with hot girls, hot guys with plain girls, plain guys with plain girls, ugly ass half deformed guys with hot girls.
Anyone can be with anyone. It's your life, if you want something take it.

Hai Ethereal
Hoi Dash ;3

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It would be nice if life would give me something to work with first

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Stop waiting for given and instead, take.

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Well I don't know where to look because everywhere I go, I see nothing but fat, dumb zombies living their lives totally aimlessly, void of personality, dressing in gray, blue, or black. Totally lifeless. Why the fuck would I want that, and where would I even go to find a woman that actually seems human?

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There you go, my bro. And thank me later

So you are judging them on appearances, while complaining that others do the same to you rather than getting to know you.

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sup, guys
how is everyone?

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Omg THANK YOU that's what I was gonna tell this stupid cuck

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i dunno what to do today
no real plans
but ok otherwise

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so, one day of relaxing and slacking off?

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>a girl
but not any, and not the elusive "the one"
come on, there's a fair amount of luck playing into it and you know it. you need to meet the right person at the right time and play your cards right, then, sure, it'll go off like fireworks, but you can't orchestrate them being the right person nor the time you meet someone for the first time - because that would involve stalking

Alright let's get this done point by point then shall we?

>1.I'm 5'3"
Alright just find someone that likes the short man, they do exist but I mean look at it this way. Women only are if your one of two thinks in the height department, Your short or your tall. No one ever cares about the middle
>2. look like an ugly elf with fucked up teeth
Looks can be improved for some parts such as acne problems and if your skin as uneven tone makeup. Teeth can be fixed with braces or implants. Tho they are expensive the are worth it in the long run. Also take better care of yourself.
>3. I dress like I'm stuck in 1992
Update your close then, that's not hard to do. If you don't want to do that much hope you live close to a city because hipsters still love that shit.
>4. people either refuse to look at me, or stare.
If you try and improve on steps 1-3 they should help, well depending on your age sometimes
>5.I don't blame anyone
That's good, that means you still show hope that you can tell that this is something only you can do to fix yourself and do what needs to be done. Also work on your confidence never killed an user

Anyone here who likes anthro ish cute fur and wants me to draw something for them? Free of course, I'm just looking for ideas to draw, add me on disc if you want - Sindicta#8290

There you go, my bro. And thank me later

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>The only ones who give me any looks are older women
oh, being an age-ist now, are we? maybe one of those sweet older women needs you to look past the surface and actually give her a chance.

Yes, but clothes reflect ones' personality. I dress in colorful shirts, usually band logos, and ripped up skinny jeans. Everyone else dresses in solid colors, jeans, have and have no indication personality or o wanting to talk to me. Everyone looks the same to me because nobody even tries to look different or cool. How the fuck am I going to find a good fish in an ocean of fish wandering aimlessly without visible personalities? Why even bother if I stand out, yet nobody comes to me? If dressing like I have a personality doesn't get anyone to acknowledge me then I don't know what will. I have confidence in my looks, I can look people in the eyes, talk to them, and smile, but it doesn't matter if nobody else does. I'm just a light wandering in the dark. I don't belong here where everyone is the exact fucking same.

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Jesus Christ stop

Naw, he's an OK guy.

There you go, my bro. And thank me later

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I agree. Btw know that artists name or page?

Hey Max. I'm alright, you?

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could you draw a snow leopard girl lying on her side, looking at you seductively?

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