Hey B I've just started my college degree in information technology... And I wanted to start hacking but I am stupid...

Hey B I've just started my college degree in information technology... And I wanted to start hacking but I am stupid... Are there easy understandable hacking software... Or can some give my advice on IT and Hacking

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kek there is no way you are over 18 years of age

did you mean to say you started your middle school computer class or some shit?


I am 16 and a College freshman

NYPA, underage newfag

>Hacking in 2019

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I just come here for advice and things


I think you will find this pretty useful

What's that website supposed to do

It will cover the basics and even the more advanced stuff, most people start out with this.


>download (1)
You have a lot of work to do.

Learn Python and start learning why exploits work from exploit-db.com

If you need to ask that question on Sup Forums then don't even fucking bother. You're just gonna end up v&

Just basic IT and Java, Python or HTML I still got a long way... But any advice would do


Most “hacking” these days is social engineering. Software development has gotten a lot better at finding errors in code before it’s shipped. Buffer overflows, etc are largely a thing of the past. Most exploits are well cataloged in various databases (as the aforementioned exploits-db). Also check out metasploit. As a security engineer most of your job will be telling people to secure their shit and advising counsel. The time for Neos and Trinitys has come and gone.

First think you need to do is delete a folder called "system32", after that you will no longer need an IP and will be anonymous forever.

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I got a degree in compsci. All I can say is, kill yourself. You are trash and you make all other IT professionals look like retards.

But yeah, you're obviously baiting, im 99% sure of it. Buttttttt if you happen to not be memeing, honestly do kill yourself.
There is enough morons in this industry.

depends on what you want to hack anyway. Obviously old architectures still remain, just look at most hospitals. Some still use windows xp or windows 7 and software developed 10 years ago.

Lol engineer... You mean he'll be an analyst right out of cooledge

This guy's correct a lot of companies that you would expect still use legacy. They do not see the ROI of upgrading IT

Would=wouldn't and IT infrastructure

Also op learn about Living off the LAN

Op, im in votech for IT, and half the fuckers who enter the course go into it thinking that's all they're gonna learn to do. You obviously know nothing about technology. Either change your mindset or give up. seriously. you're retarded.