Can we start referring to white people as "blanks"?

Can we start referring to white people as "blanks"?

They are cultureless, personalityless, souless, colorless aka blank.

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already a term for asians
would be confusing

also stfu nigger faggot

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niggers are retards

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Sure, if it helps you cope with your niggerdom.

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PROVE you have a fucking culture you fucking vampire ass cracka.

ungah bungah and we waz kangz

Yep. White people are like unseasoned chicken - they probably won't realize that's an insult though kek

No we can not. Nigger.

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Only if we can call you "shitmonkeys"

Our culture is to kill other cultures.

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>Scandinavian Nordic Traditions
>The Renaissance (The largest rebirth or philosophy, art and music im the world)
>Ancient Greek Culture
>The Roman Empire
I can go on

Whites are generally the most ignorant, no tastes, no seasoning to their food, racist because they’re hiding their insecurities of being inferior to blacks, and all go bald and fat by age 40

Sure. White people dont care what you call them. They too busy living life and taking care of their responsibilities. Keep thuggin and trollin Tyrone.

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Yet you post a picture of a big about to pork a white person... Moron

At least not incarcerated

And black people fell for Christianity. What a joke.

I think white people have more sensitive taste. What tastes heavily seasoned to them can be bland to a black person. This could be an actual thing not some bullshit stereotype and i believe could use some research.

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If it helps you feel less insecure, go ahead.

They don't have a problem with calling you a nigger on here, assuming that you're black, why ask for permission when you could've been calling them blanks or cumskins from the start?

> White people
A blanket term for dozens of cultures that each possess their own folklore and values. White people do not exist. Celtic people do. I am of celtic stock. I follow the local traditions of my people and remember our history.

>Created the society you're living in from the music on the radio to the holidays and social expectations
>Dey ain got no culcher mane

Fuck off

You're thinking of the jews