Best butterfaces

Best butterfaces

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Great ass

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I dig FOB Asians. Especially with nice bewbs.

Id like to see that saddle horn in her pooper

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she got a nice poop

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That she does user

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Good man.

So far as I know, theres no nudes of her

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So far i'd date all these beautiful ladies, i would rate them 9/10 perhaps 8/10 with some.
If one of these ladies would come to me and ask me for a date i would not deny it and i would gladly accept.

You people don't know what a real lady looks like and well let me tell you fellows something: These are real ladies.

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Been told my wife is a butterface

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Looks like a muppet

This chick is not a butterface dammit

No interest?

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>Saying "ladies"
>Rating these ugly fucks with a high score
>Saying "fellows"
>"Let me tell you something"

You must be one of those fat fedora wearing losers.
Or a troll.

Sure she is hot

Butterface thread you absolute sperglord.
How can we tell if this thot is a butterface?

Look up on the thread fag

I don't know where you've seen noses like that user... But I pity you.

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think so?

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if you think she's a butterface, your standards are stupid

not a butterface

Take your pick

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White shirt please

she's decent.

I wouldn't consider these women butter faces. They are average to cute. Anywhere from 5-6 outta 10. Remember 5/10 is average and average isn't ugly.

She kinda looks like dwayne johnson

get the fuck outta here with your white knight bullshit

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my mom

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how bout now?

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Not butterface

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literally a teen dwayne johnson in drag


You really think these women are all ugly?
WTF are you smoking?

How the fuck is that white knighting? This is a thread for ugly bitches with hot bodies, none of those girls were ugly enough for this thread.

my mom. butterface or no?

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how about now?

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Less so, still would.

You don't know what a white knight is, you're parroting what other people say on here in a desperate attempt to be part of something... Anything.

shut up post some ugly girls

>See my imageboard. (daily updated):

What the fuck is that on her arm? Skin crust?

chelsea clinton?

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Butterfaces always have the best asses.

it's a error in the photo

I need nudes

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Love anna

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Keep going and why just say first name?

Fucked her over the period of 4 months

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Cause who calls people by full name her last name is bridges i think though

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thoughts on this slut?

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some nudes?

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Fuck I need more of her. Love bitches like this.

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Want more of her?

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Looks like she ate all the butter

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i wish

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Keep goin

You know what to do my man

She's a fucking nymphomaniac

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I'd take that challenge and fuck her senseless. What state?

dot gg / tUNqGR


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more like a butterbody

Youd never imagine what a slut she is, by looking at her clothed.

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