As a scientist im excited my wifes black bull allowed me to inform you about our new queen Greta Thunberg again fellow...

As a scientist im excited my wifes black bull allowed me to inform you about our new queen Greta Thunberg again fellow Sup Forumsrethren

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if only...

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Greta for president!

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I know a guy who said she sucked his dick during lunch.


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Another wingnut cuck. But at least he admits it.

click this image for a good time

fuck jannies
fuck queens
fuck cuck scientists

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She went offscript with that one no way her handlers would let her bring up the big lie.

Scientists are all cuck nerds and science itself is cuckoldry. Real men rely on nothing more than a quick wit and a strong back.

Wat!? Ehen did you take that pic!?

Oh my god...

What do those super hardcorereal men do when they need a doctor?

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At least post Luisa pls

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Science is literally what cucks use to justify not drinking steak juice out of a slab decorated with light bulbs

Thank god Trump is so strong and honorable to know better

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Was his uncle (german genes) a cuck too user?

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A Jew whose main concern is the environment and not shekels? Almost fooled me, I don't know what she's planning but it's something big.