Are you voting for Trump in 2020?

Are you voting for Trump in 2020?

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>Are you voting for Trump in 2020?
Fuck no. I'd rather be dead in a ditch than put that man's name on my ballot paper. I's an idea so foreign, so alien to every fibre of my being I could not even countenance it.

No, I don't live in your third world shit hold

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Lol its multiple choice so regardless his names on your ballot.

another 4 years and its gonna be great. cant wait to see libtards have complete mental breakdowns on national TV again.

Only for the keks.

Not if you're not American, it's not. I'd have to write it on myself.

Fuck but you're easy

Probably? I rather have another term of Trump than have a Democrat in Office.

Except he'll be ineligible here soon.
But whatever wet dreams make you happy, user.

Let's see your convoluted explication of this one is. Don't worry. I'll give you time to try and remember what the brainwashed NPCs spewed.

I'll vote trump unless Andrew yang runs

Hell yes

Do you have a reason why, other than parroting "them libs er trying to terk mer gurns n' jerbs!"??


Beee plomppfff bloppp plffff

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I feel like overall Trump has done a better job for our country than Obama did, he removed Obamacare and brought back a lot of jobs throughout the Mid-West

then shafted all the farmers who voted for him with his trade war.

>he removed Obamacare
No he didn't. Also, Obamacare gave health cover to millions of Americans who previously had nothing

I'll vote trump unless Andrew yang runs.

Yes, we heard you the first time. Protip: if Sup Forums ignores your retarded attempt at humor, repeating it does not make it funny