Would you date a disabled girl?

Would you date a disabled girl?

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Why or why not?

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One leg?

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No legs?

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One arm?

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No arms?

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One of each?

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Amputee vs Paraplegic? Which would you rather?

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Perfect she can't run at least not far away

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Missing a leg is not considered a disability people with a missing limb are still considered to be able to gainfully employed themselves under us law therefore they are not disabled though the disability falls under what their previous work was so if the person with the missing leg was somebody that had to rely on the leg to maybe Bend and lift objects of a weight 20 pounds and up then yes they may be considered disabled under us law what's the process of being able to declare this is a long and dehumanizing one to get benefits

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It would be hilarious if the car was wrecked

Missing a leg don't make me laugh get back to your desk job you stupid hore not disabled your clam for benefits has been denied

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Yes i would date a girl with no mouth.
She can't say no

If this chick was missing both legs I'd cum buckets in her.

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>stupid hore
>your clam for benefits
Being a nigger is a disability.

No, because then my children might also lose their legs.

at least no one would hear her screaming

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The less they have to fight back the better.....

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Physically disabled, sure. Nothing wrong with that. Mentally disabled, is frowned upon i think. Not that i haven't done it, unbeknownst to me at the time.

Beggers can't be choosers

would you date person with bipolar dissorder ?

I would date a woman

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>Be my friend
>Went to a High School with probably the only amputee grill in my county
>Has some computer free period with her
>He's playing Pac Man
>Can't remember exactly what he says but it goes like
>"When u play PacMan do you use one hand or two?"
>Dies of Leukaemia when he's in his early 20's


Why so?

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Why no legs > 1

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Anybody with a girlfriend is already dating a disabled person. Kek

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No, I don't get involved with liberals.

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Does borderline personality disorder count as disabled? I dated a bpd girl once. NEVER AGAIN.

I wonder if she has her right arm on the hood or her hip

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More women for me. I don't limit my dating pool by politics or beliefs. There are good and bad people of every belief and ideology. If you branch out you can discover some interesting things about yourself as well as the world.

helpful user is helpful

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Ah, perhaps I should clarify.
I don't get involved with liberals anymore.

looks like a female to male transexual


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Honestly it depends on the disability.
If its largely physical like missing a limb that's not really an issue. But I wouldn't date some with down syndrome or other mental impairments.

she literally has pig trotters

I played the rin route so

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I was hooking up with a girl that had mild autism for a semester in college.

She was pretty normal, just awkward and a little creepy to be around for too long. That blank look is sketchy.

Wouldn't date tho

Only if her name is Eileen.

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Just my kink i guess

Handjobs from her would be terrible. The fingers would be cold and metallic, and when you finally managed to cum on her hand you’d need to wash it out pretty thoroughly and re-apply WD40 or her hands would rust and fall apart (sperm is alkaline) and you’d need to explain why your gf’s hand is rusting away even though it’s designed to be waterproof.

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No bags of piss and shit to deal with, for one

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F M K ?

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These two linguini legs invite you over for dinner and a threesome. Wat do?

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>Driving down remote desert highway
>see this
> wat do?

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Unless these girls start getting naked this thread is shit.

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