Greta thread. Post your best

Greta thread. Post your best.

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CO2 emissions and global temperatures have no direct correlation. About 2000 years ago during the Roman warm period, the global temperatures were hotter than they are today. Yes the earth’s climate changes, only a utterly ignorant person would disagree to that, but man has little to do with it. “But muh polar ice caps!!” The only ice cap that is melting significantly is the arctic, Antarctica has remained constant. People forget that there were periods in earths history where there were no ice caps.

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she can watch me stroke for her

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I can't wait till the majority believe this lie and they get taxed $8,000 per house income.
And to get there they have to higher crisis actors like Greta to "be the voice". All funded by the same people that benefit from the carbon footprint propaganda.

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Imagine going through life being this fucking stupid

not an argument.

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There were periods of time on Earth when the sun was blocked out for years and the surface was covered in lava. Doesn't mean we should want to go back to that ya retarded faggot!

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not relevant.

See my imageboard (daily updated)

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So cute

We've had this same image for years.
Your move fag.

Oh look, it's this image again.

These memes will teach that little bitch not to fuck with the incel movement.

Thank The Lord God Jesus that the politicians we worship can set the record straight instead of these biased scientists. Scientists always have an agenda, politicians are our masters and have our best interests at heart.

How will they profit from ending the infinite growth meme? Really curious

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Are there any Greta lewds yet? Best I saw was her in a dress with makeup.


There‘s a couple of feet pics and some pics of the bucket she shat in in the Atlantic

>Being this brazen asking for illegal images

user, you're as retarded as this potato brained Swedish bitch.

Her boyfriend George Soros leaked a bj video it’s up on the fappening

Her parents profit from this too probably

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Does she look angry,as usual, while she's doing it?

Well they usually do pay for the services to the parents when they take them for project monarch

If that’s what’s going to happen, dipshit, it’s going to happen due to a natural occurrence like a volcano exploding. There would be nothing we could do about it. Dipshit.

I'm looking moreso for creepshots of her Thunbooty.

Neither are lies.

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dont negotiate with terrorists, request abu garib

ITT: OP calls everyone a dipshit

Great power involves great responsibility

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She definitely has rage face when she spits out the load