Hi guys, it's me again, i have something special today...

Hi guys, it's me again, i have something special today, for every dubs i will shove the cucumber as far as i can up my ass in the position you ask for in your dubs post and get this, for every trips posted with a faproulette, i will commit to it. Please roll for my sissy ass

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If repeating digits, you have to eat it without washing after all the gay shit.
Fucking faggot.

Post a picture of a faproulette otherwise it doesn't count

any position please

I will need proof that you do not cut the top of the cucumber and place it on top of your anus.
Please carve a sign before inserting and repost proof of attached shit after.


Doggy style, all the way in


why the fuck did I forgot to sage...
reroll one last time
I am not a fag ffs, I just want some loser to eat his own shit.

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doggy style

To infinity and beyond

On back legs up. All the way in

go jump from your bed ass first into a cucumber

i shall never be blessed


Like Mr. Slave did it with paris hilton.

cucumber up in ass in a christian friendly minecraft server way

While you have a cute enviable body, be careful doing such lewd things. If some faggot gets trips, don't overdo it and don't hurt yourself.

Do ittt

Common guys do it for my sissy pussy

Roll for doggy

On back legs spread in air


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No faproulette was posted, roll again boys

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Lick it


faggot stop pls


Btw, post some fucking faproulette if you want my sissy ass to do stuff on trips otherwise it's just wasted, go to faproulette.com and screen shot whatever you want

On side spread cheeks

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Finally, thank you, from op with love, rooooooool

Self roll

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Doggy then taste

Mm naughty boy

Im rerolling this beauty for Bailey and for our little sissy faggot here


Face down ass up spread wide

Try again


Roll for this





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