Why are whites only brave when they are armed?

Why are whites only brave when they are armed?

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Why do whites hold majority of UFC belts?


Blacks are too lazy to hold anything

why do whites possess the knowledge to build various weapons and blacks do not?

Why do niggers love throwing sucker punches?

Blacks generally have more athletic genes to run away from lions and childcare. Whites have intelligence so we don't need brute strength, so when monkeys come for our bikes, we use technology and blow them niggers away with our trusty .45

Has 100 lbs or so on the guy
Is standing up above him, white guy is confined, sitting in chair
Still feels the need to sucker punch him
Nigger confirmed

>Other than him relaxing

Not to mention the punch barely fazes him kek

He's like

>wtf nigger really?

Everyone feels equally vulnerable when they're all naked in front of each other.

Nigger was all like:
"honky, honky, slavery, nigga, white-ass honky"
White guy made the mistake of treating him like a human, didn't anticipate senseless violence.

lol it looked like he was about to cry and tried to act tough. look how he cocks his head tryna be a badass haha

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lmfao, full on nigger sucker punch and nothing to show for it.

Why do niggers fight first and ask questions later?

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Never call a nigger by those words.

Because whites are intelligent enough to bring a gun to a knife fight.

Why do Nigs always tend to use violence first ?
Only a true degenerate would go the violent road first a real men can talk about the problem and find a solution that benefits everyone

They definitely hold a nice spot at the bottom of the wage rate, IQ rating, and hold top spot of murdering each other.

No, were armed because we're brave. The pussies don't have any interest in defending themselves to begin with. They've been chugging the Wolf Blitzer/Don Lemmon koolaid. The ones who don't give a fuck and would fight back to begin with, also arm themselves in order to tip the odds in their favor. Some of us are wolves and others are sheep.

Because they are intelligent and would not place themselves in mortal danger over petty squabbles.

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niggers arent white

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Wolves don't use external weapons, nor do sheep. You sound more like a nigger monkey using "tools" to make up for your weakness.

>That comment
>Your head

When I see something like this
it may come to my mind just how hard would it be to sue for what is clearly an assault?
The video is irrefutable proof of nigger monkey business

well they arent

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white's are better mentally
black's are better physically

how the fuck do you guys not understand that by now?

(mental capacity affect your behavior, the more stupid you are the more likely you are to get let your emotions control you (meaning anger equals death if black ppl))

whats would be the point of suing them, not like you'd get anything because they don't have anything

>"better physically"
Maybe in the sense of brute physical labor, the don't even rank in skilled physical labor.
They are what we bred them to be; strong, hearty, durable, simple laborers.
Now we put them in schools with white kids and pretend genetics aren't a factor.

Yes,strenght and size is what i meant.

I knocked out a white guy on my birthday this past Friday. All it took was one punch.

That is not bravery user.
Bravery is putting yourself in harms way to protect another. Anyone can pull a trigger.

so you assaulted another person?
is that right?
well can you tell us why?

That, and ganging up on people.

Sure, Tyrone, I believe you.

faggot was a white guy trying to paint niggers bad by pretending to be one
fucking pathetic

because they aint dumb

And yet all the worlds strongest people are nordic or polish...


Im sure you did Jamal, now sit down.

Wolves have fangs. Because we were not so fortunate to evolve those, I use my trusty glock 19 instead.

Because they’re not monkeys

Because they quit boxing when black people started dominating

>using hard R
like yourself?

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