Squirting is not pee you faggots

>squirting is not pee you faggots
it comes from Skene's glands also known as the lesser vestibular glands, paraurethral glands "homologous female prostate" located on the anterior wall of the vagina, around the lower end of the urethra.


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Anyone who says its just piss has never made a girl squirt, if it's piss then she hasn't squirted and she's just pissing on you to make you think she has. Squirt doesn't look or smell like piss at all. Whoever disagrees is obviously either inexperienced, a virgin or hasn't got a clue what the fuck they're doing.

So, what you're saying is that it's actually pee.

aka "the g-spot"

Can confirm.
Wife is a squirter and its clear and odorless.

Squirt has piss in it retard

i have been arguing with Sup Forums for a year now i dated a cam girl and she squirted all over my face
>it doesn't smell like pee or looks like it
>cloudy water and some times just like water

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Yeah, traces of piss, because when a girl is squirting everything down there is pushing hard and she will probably piss a little. Especially women that have had kids, quite often weakening their pelvic floor. Thanks for letting us know you're a virgin or inept at sex.

From the thumb I thought this was a painting. I guess it's the tones.

I would totally drink every last drop of my GFs squirt

OP mad because he's been peed on for years and can't cope with squirting being a giant deep state conspiracy.

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faggot it's like men pre cum(Pre-ejaculate) is not jizz

>how you can get mad at this ?
it's hot as fuck

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Because OP's fat gf has been passing off her lack of bladder control as him actually being able to pleasure a woman.

What my wife does is squirting, what you see on porn is piss.

>look we get it you are gay and want us to hate women

Wait, squirting is from the vagina? My gf squirt is light brown and comes from her ass.

yep most of it is fake but some are real

When my girlfriend squirts, she is very definitely pissing.
But that's just me.
Perhaps it was a mistake to encourage her to "let go" when feeling close to orgasm (she had never achieved before)
Ah well lol, idaf

Yes, come take me to brown town, Daddy.

this pornstar is for real

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Put Lao Dong Lai, Dong lei nai gor, mak yee sui pok pok.

Canada is too far for me

pok pok sui yee mak, gor nai lei Dong,Lai Dong Lao Put

Except pre-cum can still get a girl pregnant.

>not exactly

The porn stars who gush like crazy are pissing, user. Real squirting isn't that voluminous.