Weed thread?

Weed thread?
Devil's Lettuce thread.

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Red congo i am smoking rn

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Weird strain. Looks like charred broccoli.

Why do you smoke weed? Do you not find enjoyment in life?

no, i dont find it with weed either, it just helps it not be so shitty,

I have a healthy child, a roof over my head, a semi decent job, and still im not happy.. AMA

Fresh trimmed popcorn

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I sure fucking hope my casual babby's first outdoor plants finish flowering before it gets too cold, 1 is a male and I'm just gonna let it do its thing so I wind up with more seeds but I'm starting to get worried

looks like PGR weed....

I hope you're the only one growing outdoors for several miles.....otherwise you're fucking up their crop. Thanks a lot ass hole!

wait really? it spreads that much? I'm in a legal city so I imagine I'm not the only one, none of the little bits have actually matured or look ready to open yet, think I should just get rid of it asap?

Yes! 100% Chop it ASAP! If you grow a male plant outdoors that pollen will travel for several miles. They grow tall and skinny so that the wind can pick the pollen up and spread it as far as possible. If you're growing in a legal state, you're going to fuck up a lot of folks annual harvest if you keep that male.

>enjoying life

how the fuck

think it's reasonable to try and collect some pollen to apply manually then just make some qwiso hash or something from it?

If you need seeds, join an online growing community. Grasscity, Rollitup and Autoflowernetwork are all good communities. You can get tips on growing and help if you need it. They always have giveaways going on and a couple times a year it's possible to join comparative grows. In comparatives they send you seeds. You grow the plant and post some pictures. You provide feedback to the breeder/seed bank.

If you absolutely feel the need to keep the male for pollen, at least bring it inside. Throw it under a cheap LED from Amazon, in a closet. Set it on a timer for 12 hours on, 12 off. Once the flowers start forming get some sheets of paper and place it on top of your soil. Use something to keep it above the surface of the soil. You don't want it getting wet. Once the flowers start opening gently shake the plant. This will cause pollen to fall onto the paper. Collect the pollen and put it into a freezer ziplock with some rice(to keep the pollen dry). Once you have the pollen get a plastic trash bag and place it over the plant and chop it. Seal the bag and place it into another. Now go change your cloths! Otherwise you're now a male flower.

To use the pollen, get a sandwich baggy and a rubber band. Shake a very small amount of pollen into a couple sandwich baggies. Bring the baggies to your female plant and place them over a couple good flowering buds. Gently place the rubber band around the bag, not tight, just enough to keep the wind from blowing it off. Shake the branch gently to et the pollen all over the pistils. Let it sit for an hour and then remove it. A little goes a long way and you can keep the pollen for a couple years in the fridge and it will still be viable. That way you won't have to risk contaminating your neighbors for a couple years.

I know the grower it isn't. Just really frosty and dense.

Aside from pollen there is nothing to collect from male plants. They very rarely produce trichomes and little to no THC.

If you know and trust the grower than no wories.

Yeah I get it. It is always a hot topic for any strain that has a lot of hairs naturally with a proper cure. IMO The best indicator is the smell. PGR weed never has a proper cure and deep smell.

I’m in Cali if anyone needs p’s.