ITT: Sum up the current state of your life with one image

ITT: Sum up the current state of your life with one image.

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me on the right

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im the kid, life is the goat

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Don't go to school tomorrow if you live in California

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well we all ready knew your life was shit. That's why you do nothing but post all day on this board hoping for attention

life's good

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Married at 31, do almost nothing for a living, but it pays pretty well.

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The American dream. Wealthy, handsome, oversexed, healthy, fit, loved, all-American

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Fellow Chad, reporting in.

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Hi great American Patriot!

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lmao this

Sup Forums. /thread

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Let me fuck you baby deep and slow

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imagine the smell

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My life is one big bad joke somebody tells you over and over and it doesn't get any funnier regardless how hard he tries.

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I've had that happen before, no need to imagine. (septic tank collapsed pushing all the contents back into the house.)

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Story of my life ,thank you .

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fat and isolated

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so majestic, would let loose on an suspecting big city neighborhood

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WTF didn't look at that and say maybe not such a good name

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It's interesting to note the order of positives in this post.
The American dream starts with wealthy, and even handsome shows before healthy. I'm just curious about other cultures version of this list. I think mine would be healthy, wealthy, fit handsome.
Am stoned tho??

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Mine would be healthy, loved, fit (not muscular but not fat as fuck), wealthy, handsome, and oversexed. American here.

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sweet bong

He chonk

A chiseled Adonis, lucky you

Wish it were mine

Its by an artist who exclusively makes them for art exhibits. Cant find any obama bongs

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Makin me way through the world.

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