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Proven time and again to be false. Some of the representatives listed have also been dead for years and others are fairly recently elected, your timeline is all over the place. Israeli "right of return" is not the same as automatic citizenship and none these people hold a second passport.

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A fucking facist scum quoting Bakunin?
Fuck off and die stormfag

"Liberty without socialism is injustice and privilege. Socialism without liberty is slavery and brutality." -Bakunin

I'm not a fascist

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What do you want then? A magically jew free western world by other than totalitarian means?

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I want civilization to collapse and people to return to collective of no more than 150 or 200 people. I think exposing the Jew World Order is the most important part of collapsing the Zionist Occupied State.

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Its almost like a group of outcast people subjected to random racial violence and systemic oppression might be drawn to a revolutionary movement. I thought it would have been populated by pro tsarist middle and upper class tartars and slavs.

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So you are an anarchonhilist? I can get behind your cause if you ditch the racist BS and seek to attack power structures regardless of if it is owned by (((them))). We have plenty of white on white oppression happening.

>racist BS
Jews are not a race, there are mongrelized jews who are composed of Negro, Semite, and Asiatic DNAm, while there are also Jews who are of purely European extraction

>and seek to attack power structures regardless of if it is owned by (((them)))
I freely admit that the power structure is maintained by mostly non Jews, but when you look at it with pic related in mind, and you know that the richest plutocrats and dynasties in the west are Jewish, you can not ignore them

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I'm using racism as a catchall for singling out one group of human beings as being more of an asshole than another. The correct term would be bigoted BS.

The problem is that the wealthy must keep everyone below them divided to hold on to the power of the state. Without the power of the state they can't continue to enrich themselves at the expense of thier fellow man and the earth as a whole.

Well I for one am not surrounded by Jews. My neighborhoods are surrounded by plenty of rich white assholes pointing fingers at everyone else to make sure poor white assholes are in thier side. Maybe if shit like the Kentucky railroad blockade keeps happening then they will understand that those people do not have thier interests at heart.

>for singling out one group of human beings
that's the thing, I don't consider them human beings. They are a supremacist cult who even purity spiral among themselves.

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I'm all for bourgeois genocide tbh. It's not like I have a much high opinion of rich white people

Keked hard
>Christian zionist
Why not Christian nazi?
ALSO gg putting it in red like it's absolute harm I'm dying


I feel the same way about rich privileged families.

May the coming strife in the US make some strange bedfellows.

The Nazis wanted the Jews to go to Madagascar, not Palestine. It's not fair to equate them to Zionists in that respect

although in regards to the wholesale slaughter of people, they can definitely be compared to Zionists

this is a fantastic article, and if anyone ITT will take to heart anything that I have said, then let it be : Read the collective works of Ron Unz, and especially "The Myth of American Meritocracy"

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(pastebin website link)/96uNEnyA

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