Why do niggers wear these?

Why do niggers wear these?

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These are work boots, and niggers don’t work..?

this thread is more proof that this is basically 8* chan all over again. Sup Forums. everywhere.

Op these are NOT work boots, shits fall apart when you look at them wrong

InfinityChin came from Sup Forums's taint you sperg.

Solid boots. Better than a pair of kike nikes.

Resistance is futile.

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A rapper wore them years ago and it took off. That's pretty much the answer to all nigger fashion.
When I was in high school a rapper put out a new video wearing pink and the next week all the niglets in my school were wearing pink

Good marketing.

cry more fag

This. It's the tribe mentality of the negros. It's the same mentality that keeps them in the ghetto and voting democrat.

All that hiking in nature?

timberland are not really work boots.
Red Wings and Wolverine are legit work boot brands.

that's why it's so tangy

Timberland pros are one of the best work boots out there

Texas steer, the only real work boots for guys that actually work

simple. to hide drugs in

To not tie and trip over while running from the police.

Niggers have a higher evolved sense of irony than the rest of us.

Its a coworker here that tried to burn my ass so his company could bring someone else in. He made it real personal.

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Fuck man

As long as it can't be tracked to you we Gucci

because they're unironically good footwear, you can wear them doing whatever and you won't slip.

like running with a tv

Holy shit, that's actually really cool

cool man, tell me how and when you want it