Are any of you actually normal people?

are any of you actually normal people?

I feel like I am the only non-neckbeard, successful, normally functioning person on this entire site

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Shut the fuck up

I’m most certainly a neckbeard, but made quite a tidy sum of money from neckbeard-related things; Mostly cryptocurrencies but sometimes I make some money off poor souls who pay for me to sexually humiliate them on the internet.

Anyway, OP is fag.

I own my own place, work a good job, have a good social life...I just come here to hang out now and then. I get the feeling, man.

*autistic scream*

I worry that on this internet social media outlet I sit amongst numerous neck beards all of them unknowing that I am not one of them, my beard is only a facade. Nothing but shaven pubes glued upon my face to trick the beasts of /mlp/ that i am one of them when they crawl out of their hell hole. This is the only way to survive on Sup Forums...

how can you be normally functioning while being on Sup Forums

I'm fairly normal. I'm 35, married, have two kids, a decent house, I shave daily and get haircuts twice a month. I'm a CT tech and my wife is a gs11 who works at the VA. We're both veterans and work out at least three days a week. Aside from ptsd, I'm pretty squared away.

I'm pretty normal. You're not alone.

Im as normal as any reptilian.

Then why the fuck are u here? Retard

I'm fairly normal, but I suffer from pretty severe depression that I'm currently managing with medication. I spent the majority of my 20s as a NEET but I had a girlfriend and I was in a couple bands, so. Yeah.

Ooook then Retard

Sup Forums is full of normies these days

The real degenerates went to 8ch where they got v& and gassed

Call me a newfag if you want. But, what is a "NEET"? O_o

We're here for the lulz, user.


So, why are you here? Unironically, you belong to reddit.

well where are they now? after 8ch got nuked they came back here.

i come here for freedom of speech. Sup Forums basically the only place left

Please nothing but edgy tryhards in 8ch eg: that kiwi shooter

Ok! Ok! Nice roleplay session everybody ITT. Now let's get back to eating our kid cuisine.

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Delusional as fuck. Whatever u have to tell yourself to sleep at night tho...

bc this site is fucking gold...there are great posts on multiple boards here and none of it is censored...but there is also tons of trash on here like gay shit and weird ass anime obsessions

no, and I wouldn't want to be.

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That fucking brownie is hotter than the fucking sun but i take masochistic pleasure in shoving it in my mouth just as it's microwaved.

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Not in education, employment, or training....bsically it means you are worthless

Well you can't say they're not degenerate . . .

I have my wife, and a Stearns & Foster mattress to help me with that.

Leave then FAGGOT you don't belong here

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Are you mad that I was able to get a girlfriend while you were wagecucking and jerking your dick every night before you cried yourself to sleep?

Yep just you

>When I see a man in uniform I laugh at them
>>When I see a woman in uniform I laugh at the state of my country
You and your wife give me so many keks. Thanks for the laugh faggot. Race traitors and ZOG foot soldiers hang first. I'll laugh even harder when I'm putting a noose around your neck while you watch my buddies gang rape your wife before I hoist you up the tree. The last thing you're seeing is strong Aryan men, better than you, raping your wife while she has continuous orgasms knowing the best sex she ever had will be forced on her right before her death at the hands of the future.

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i've never been on reddit other than lurking some popular posts

its actually kinda fun to LARP as an ultimate faggot, unlike OP, who is forever a faggot

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The Macaroni and cheese in the kid cuisine© meal is subpar being very chewy but it's redeemed by the delectable cheese sauce that's included. I could slurp it up as a drink if i could.

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do it faggot

That's rough, user.

We would kill you all before that happened. We're both combat vets, and have actually killed people, and we are armed to the teeth to this day. You and your buddies would get bellies full of 5.56 before you could even get through ny door. Keep stroking, incel.

HAHAHAHAHAHA because you and your wife have had so much success already in your lives fighting against insurgents, right? If you can't even best a bunch of shitskin mongrols with pick up trucks and 75 year old guns what makes you think you'll be able to stop the white man? Keep fantasies about protecting yourself in your own home when we nab you off the streets and throw you in the trunk of a car you'll be crying like the little bitch you are.

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Fuck off normie!

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You think you are the only normal person out of the tens of thousands that visit daily? Ok.


Wtf even is normal?

What if you're a functioning neck beard?
Like i go to college, have friends, go out and drink
But i do infact have beard on my neck
wat do?

shave it retard

do you have a girlfriend? do you think anime is retarded and gay? are you in shape? do you have a close group of friends? do you have a decent job?

if you said no to most of these you are not normal

lol no
im getting and early start on no shave novermber lol
pluss most of the guys in my hear do the same
beards are getting sexy again lol

I just got rid of my last girlfriend finally. Not all single people are abnormal.

I also. But remember
Sup Forums = smart people pretending to be stupid

kek'd /b is a bunch of queers, fags and trolls

and filthy niggers

how do you be normal Sup Forumsros? where did i fuck up?

you stopped taking care of yourself mentally and physically

Proof it first!

shut up faggot

make me daddy