Showed my GF her first tribute last night.(pic related)

She got soo wet and fucked me so hard after seeing it. I finally came out to her as a Cuck!!

>Vid Related

I encourage all wanna-be and future cucks to come out to your GF like this for the BEST Results possible.

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Like my Muslim cousin? Kik for videos of her being fucked: gemmaamin

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Good advice.

My gf's first trib

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anyone wanna make me cum to their gf? kik: scotthutch33

Reposting from last thread.
Anyone want to cuck me over my sister? Technically applies since I'll never get to fuck her.

Like details, wwyd, etc

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more please

>I encourage all wanna-be and future cucks to come out to your GF like this for the BEST Results possible.

Great advice. Did this recently with my girl

MMM Post more you cucks

If you got some nudes, sure.

Have some nudes, yeah.
Kik is jnhyo

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unsee cc/efb93fd0/

fuck, wow. hmu:

Nudes now

My ex

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Where’s this guy more nudes please

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wo ist unser deutscher OP?


One of the girls on the block. Bitch got railed w a black dick in the back of her neighbor house while her husband was at a party cross the street. Drunk slut got caught on security cam lmao

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Love having other guys get off to her

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hast du noch was mit ihr?
mehr nudes


doing private trib of everything you want on kik: finzp

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Slid in a niggas dms like

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Can you give her a tribute?

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yh, add me

Where's that footage

Are you a cuck?

She needs a Fat Cock tribute like this and to be shown it. Bet she'd fall in love with the idea if you haven't came out to her already!!

Imagine her unlocking your phone just to see a picture like this with her face open on your phone...

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you there?

Yes of course

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Looking for bulls to jerk to and comment on my chubby gf

KIK qazplmwsxokn


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You doing tributes?

damn bro
got her sucking?


mmm, slut

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Less clothes... definitely a dirty slut

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Anyone want to help me add to my tribute collection for my gf? Leave Wickr or Wire.

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(Your dick here)

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This is Austin tx isn't it. I would fuck her brains out


This is my girl at age 19 back when she used to date her fat cock ex. She’s now 32, mother of my child, and I’m trying to convince her to take his fat cock one last time

Kik joejim1234

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Send me your slut for me to cock.
I'll show you examples of tribs I did yesterday

Looking for people to do wwyd, expose her pics, and or tribute her. Kik anon0867

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There you go, my bro. And thank me later


Gtf out of here fag

Looking for people to do wwyd, expose her pics, and or tribute her. Kik Sissybtchsub

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My gf

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If any cucks need a tribute to show their GF to come out as a cuck: Here is a photoshop template you can use

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Better one

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Post more of this slut!!

Bet she would get sooo wet if she saw her pic getting came on by actual actual bulls.

Any more pics of her?


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Is that her in the fishnets?

you could help me with a tribute, or anyone else

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what does that have to do with anything?

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anyone in the boynton beach, fl area want to actually get cucked?

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I even got her to close her eyes and imagine I was him fucking her. She screamed his name when she came

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got a black guy to tribute my gf, thinking of making a fake snapchat to send her it on and see how she reacts

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dude, no

i remember when she was posted all the time. love to jerk to that arrogant face

>I encourage all wanna-be and future cucks to come out to your GF like this for the BEST Results possible.

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Haha just not sure how to get her into it. But she has fucked at least one before before me and had a Pakistani bf

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back when she was 16 he was 29, she said his cock was small though but black was biggest she has had

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Fuck off

Or you could let her "accidentally" find it on your phone

How do you think she would react?

any takers?

tib on kik if hot


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You a fan?


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So sexy..